What should have been bundles? A look at infinites armor monetization

Halo infinites monetization is not the greatest and could use some revisions to truly justify the price of bundled items. Here are my takes on what could have been monetized instead of armor and why.


● armor effects : armor effects are a nice visual cherry on top of your spartans customization and are really not that integral to armor customization like say a helmet or shoulders. So monetizing armor effects really would be dependent if someone liked the look of the effect instead of the coercion to buy actual armor.

● assassinations: (now I know they aren’t in but it’s a suggestion) they are a niche disrespectful animation that you can do to enemies and different animations would probably sell like hot cakes. Being able to showcase a cool animation in game is nice.

● weapon skins/vehicle skins: these are already in bundles which is a nice niche thing to monetize and really has no coercion to pay for it. If someone likes it great! It’s just something nice to see like say a warthog with flame paint

● coatings: now while I do not like the coating system I know its here to stay. They can be a nice cherry on top of bundles if you like the color scheme. Just extra value I suppose so these should stay in bundles/ BP and even weekly free rewards.


● Armor: plain and simple armor should not be paid for. Armor is a integral part of halos customization and expresses you and your Spartans in detail from knee guards to helmet. Having armor behind a pay wall is coercing a player to buy the item almost like forcing the hand. The player base has Expressed we do not like this business practice if you are going to sell items from $10-$20 make it worth the deal to someone. We feel like we are getting a bad deal with armor in bundles.

I tried here to find the best compromise between player and 343s bundle monetization system. I hope this is well received thank you.

Tldr: what should be in bundles is: armor fx, assassination animations, vehicle/weapon skins, and coatings.

Im fine with some armor being in the store, but it can’t be armor from previous games Relying on nostalgia alone to buy armor that was essentially ripped from previous games and updated doesn’t really sit well with me. I’d much rather see unique/new armor in the store than armor I can get in a game for the price of the bundle itself.

Additionally, fan-favorite armor shouldn’t be in there either. I’m gonna be real disappointed if the Mk. V Zeta helmet ends up being a microtransaction instead of something earned in the game.

I’m ok with some armor as well I just would like for 343 to make the 20$ price tag for some bundles actually worth it