What should happen to Halo IP at this point? Just wondering who would keep playing if it’s moved under a different industry

  • Let Bungie buy it even if it moves to PlayStation
  • Let 343 keep it

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You need more poll options as neither is a suitable option.

343i have proved themselves to be incompetent time and time again yet here we are with yet another game that is not fit for purpose and fails to meet our expectations.

Bungie are no longer the company they used to be that created the Halo titles that remain close to our hearts…but all of that is from an era long gone and the gaming industry and player expectations have both evolved since then.

The Halo IP should be awarded to a new or existing developer with an actual relevant recent history of creating, developing and successfully releasing complete modern day titles. I don’t know if they are any games studios that match that criteria right now so may be a whole new studio and team needs to be recruited with the sole focus being upon all things Halo. To be honest, the whole Halo IP is a complete mess with no clear direction or vision…it needs a complete reset and reboot with organised management and creative ideas…and the community also needs to be accepting of innovation and evolution, however I’m sure most of us would just be happy with a solid game with regular content, consistent game/net code performance, and both UI and graphics that match what we expect from a next gen title.


That’s Fair, i can’t add another poll option after 5 minutes I was just wondering if anyone would move to PlayStation if that’s where Halo went.


It’s time for Master Chief’s story to come to an end, IMO. All that’s been done is ruining the franchise’s legacy and milking every last drop for $$$.

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We don’t need to get rid of 343 all together, we need rid of the upper management, leadership is everything.

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Agree and disagree. At this moment, I believe they should move on from Master Chief since 343 can’t seem to write a compelling story to the likes of its predecessors (1-3).

However, I’d really like to see them scrap the story from 5 and Infinite and make a true sequel to Halo 4 and continue the forerunner/mantle of responsibility storyline with the Chief.

I’m hoping someday the Master Chief side of Halo is handed down to Certain Affinity and see where they can take it and have 343 develop other games within the Halo universe. Maybe someday we’ll even get a Halo RPG.


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