What should change/be added in the squeal

LoadoutsPersonal loadouts are fun for Spartan Ops but they’re not what Multiplayer needs. People having a balanced start is how Halo should be. I don’t think Halo should remove loadouts, removing the features that were added instead of fixing them drives me crazy.

I feel that Halo Reach did loadouts much better than Halo 4 did. We should go back to that style of loadouts.
Team Slayer

  • Assault Rifle
  • Pistol
  • Frags
  • Armor Ability
    Slayer DMRs
  • DMR
  • Pistol
  • Frags
  • Armor Ability
    Of course there was those random loadouts that had variety in gametypes like Invasion but that worked fine. Halo 4’s loadouts gave us tons of variety but it doesn’t work as well.

Instant respawn, Join in Progress & Friendly fire
I’m neutral on the Instant Respawn, but I think it should probably only be in Infinity Slayer.

JIP probably will not be removed since we are getting Dedicated Servers, but it needs to be fixed. In cases when it should work it doesn’t. There should also be a way to disable it if you don’t wish to use it.

Friendly fire is a double edged sword. Having it enabled makes you be more careful on where you use your explosives and such, but it also promotes people to betray you for the power weapons. I would much rather have it removed.

Armor Abilities
This one should have probably been covered in the loadout section but I think it needs one on it’s own.

Active camouflage
Armor Lock
Drop Shield
Jet Pack
Promethean Vision
Regeneration Field
Hardlight Shield
Thruster Pack

There’s a list of all the AA’s we’ve had or currently had. Some of them are fun to use but they break the balance of the game. I’m really not sure what needs to be done with AA’s. I’m sure people want them removed, but there’s also that group who wants them.

My take is to do it like this.

  • Active camouflage should return to being a map pick up.
  • Armor Lock should never return, ever. If it would to return it should only be used as a activated AA that works as a resistance for fall damage.
  • Drop Shield, Hardlight Shield and Regeneration Field should be removed.
  • Evade(Thruster Pack) would work good as the basic AA that everyone has built in.
  • Sprint is now built in so that AA is pointless. Stay or Go? I dunno.
  • Jet Pack, it has no purpose in Multiplayer, get rid of it, breaks the balance.
  • Promethean Vision, again breaks the balance.

Objective games
K/D should be taken out and points should only be scored for helping the objective, there’s way too many people boosting their K/D and just going for kills in Objective gametypes. These gametypes are not how it use to be. The only solution is to take out the K/D factor for Objective gametypes, that way people aren’t complaining about their K/D going down when trying to score the objective. It would also discourage the people who want to boost their K/D in those gametypes.

I’m just going to say Halo 4 ruined the Campaign aspect of Halo for me. Now, don’t get me wrong. The story was pretty amazing, the cutscenes and cinematic were cool but the replay factor is slim to none. Once you beat it on Legendary there’s no point to try it again.

This is the problem I see with games being too cinematic, there’s no freedom and everything is so linear. It made the game too predictable. What I think Halo 5 needs to do is make it open world. We see a lot of Next Gen games going free roam, which seems to be a nice touch.

There should be little details of the campaign’s story released, we should be able to be amazed when we experience it. Leaks should also be a priority to prevent, but I doubt there’s much power over that.

Halo 5’s Campaign Mode must have the traditional four difficulty levels: Legendary, Heroic, Normal, and Easy.

Terminals should be in both text, audio format and in video format, but please be on the disk. Don’t have the terminals stream from Halo Waypoint. I cannot understand why Halo CEA had the terminals on the disk and Halo 4 did not.

Also, the campaign should have Theater this time.

Thoughts? Reactions? Feel free to leave feedback.