What should be done for Halo 5?

With Halo 5 being announced for a 2014 release I was wondering what the community thinks should be added, taken away, or completely changed for halo 5 Mp or campaign?

For me this is what I think mp changes would be better.

  1. A classic play list right away.
  • Team Throwdown and Legendary Slayer were added pretty late into the game. I don’t mind to much the new changes Halo games have made to the multiplayer, but I still prefer classic Halo matches. Hopefully they will add a classic playlist right off the bat.
  1. Social and ranked playlist.
  • I thought Halo 3 did and excellent job with making competitive playlist. Social and ranked playlist were perfect. If you wanted to be super competitive and get your 1-50 rank higher, ranked was the way to go. Or if you just wanted to play a competitive but casual game without your CSR determining who you play against, then that’s perfect. With CSR rank being put in all playlist in Halo 4 it makes me play super competitive all the time. I hope to see them separate the two next game.
  1. Mercenary style playlist.
  • Not always when I play Halo I’m playing with a big group of friends. When I go into playlist by myself sometimes I’m put into an incompetent team against a big clan of players. Sometimes I would rather just go into a playlist that doesn’t allow parties or squads. It would make a more balanced game for people who choose to play by themselves.
  1. The medals.
  • A lot of the medals I feel were lazily done, being that a lot of them look the same and generic. Many of them have the same colors and kind of look boring, just in my opinion. Also there is a lot of useless ones. Like too many assist type medals, generic kill, etc. I feel they made so many so something can pop of in front of your screen every minute and get you excited. Also some of them were dumbed down. Like instead of getting a medal for a sniper head shot its now just a sniper kill. Or instead of sticking someone its just getting a kill with a plasma grenade. That kind of takes away pride in getting certain medals since now they are way easier to get. I think they should also bring back sprees (sniper sprees, splatter sprees etc).
  1. Ranking up
  • Halo 4 was way to easy to level up. I got to SR 130 in 6 days of playing and a little over 13,000 kills without using the Doritos double xp thing. In Halo 3 and Reach I played double that and had twice as many kills and was still several levels away from reaching the top. I feel they should move away from this super fast level up system because now half the people who play Halo 4 are at SR130. I thought it was way cooler, and intimidating, to see a 5 Star General in Halo 3 or an Inheritor in Reach. I feel it makes the ranks way more diverse since seeing that was way less common. Now in every game there is at least always four people at SR130. I also think that having ranks like lieutenant, Commander and General is way cooler than an SR with a number next to it.
  1. Weapons disappear to fast.
    -I hope in Halo 5 this at least gets fixed. If you get killed you should have a chance to go back and pick up your old weapon. Or if you kill someone you should have a better chance to go take it from them. I don’t think weapons should disappear like 5 seconds after you die.

Those are a few suggestions I would make. It’s obvious I prefer and want a more classic style Halo and maybe my opinion isn’t the best direction of the game. I want to hear what every one else thinks. Should Halo go more back to it’s roots in Halo 5, or should they do it just like how Halo 4 was done. Your opinion will be respected and other peoples opinions are no more valid than yours.

I think Halo X1 should be a mix. But in order to make good games, we need better connectivity.