What should be added to multiplayer first?

  • Maps
  • Weapon balancing
  • New modes

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Figured co-op would be a higher priority given it’s been in every Halo game prior including both Halo Wars titles.

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Maps and then firefight and warzone(minus reqs) but that is just me.

Red vs Blue and/or toggle on/off enemy/friendly outlines

Toggle for wacky cosmetics

Stop wasting time showing spartans posing before and after games


Ability to repaint armour coatings using the normal 30 base colours, and all of the additional colours that you have unlocked

Normal emblem editor containing all of the base emblems and backgrounds that have already been produced and used in previous Halo games plus the ability to edit emblems that have been unlocked

Plasma Pistol as EMP, weird electric weapons that don’t look very Halo’esque removed

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Player collision really needs to be added. Halo is historically a melee & lunge heavy game for up close encounters. Being able to run right through your opponents creates some extremely awkward close quarters combat.

I died laughing when I saw someone call the armor color scheme varying shades of parking lot. Let’s get some variants going.

Also… along with everyone else - unlock colors/equipment to cores & more maps in time.