What should be a halo spinoff game?

Simple topic what character or theme should be a halo spin off game?

I have two ideas.


Story info: play as a human ONI operative through several diferent missions at different points in time during the human covenant war. A more stealth based halo game where your accuracy is key. Would show weapons form different times and give a good example of battles won and lost.

Halo war clans

Info: a halo infinite spin off, play as a sanghelli commando fighting in a civil war, help the swords retake their capital city bit by bit, rescue soldiers and fight with allies ranging form common grunts to the mighty Arbiter himself.

ever wondered what it was like to play an elite leading squads of grunts into battle this is your game. Be careful as your enemies and allies can some times be one in the same.

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Halo: Insurrection
Play as an insurrectionist in the days before the Covenant find humanity, disrupt UNSC activities in the colonies & gain a larger foothold for your people, culminating in the deployment of a Spartan-II to stop your efforts.

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A game like that would likely have a lovely end game twist, where just after almost getting wiped out by the spartan-II team the covenant attack, forcing you to work with your enemy and fight evac civilians and allies alike.

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I think a Flood survival horror game would be a pretty cool spinoff. Imagine playing as a UNSC scientist stranded in a research station on some remote Forerunner world, when a Flood containment breach occurs.

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