What sensitivity are you on?

I’m working with 4 right now.

  1. Always stay with 3. Pros using nothing but high numbers is false. Only a handful do. Alot stay with default or around it for better precise aiming.

4 too.

i couldn’t aim to save my life until i moved it to 5. i got used to it, and im trying 6 right now… helps your aim tremendously if you go up to a higher sensitivity, get used to it, and then lower it down a few…

Im always 5, feels better to me

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> I’m working with 4 right now.

Don’t you know every Pro plays on 4?

Always 3.

4, 3 felt way too slow for me.

  1. I can’t do any less because I feel too slow otherwise. I’m a pretty twitchy player so it works for me in my favor

I am on 4. 3 on this game, is a little too slow for vertical movement.


  1. In the past Halo’s I usually stuck around 1 or 2, maybe would bump up to 3 if I was against really good players.
    But in this game I think 3 is perfect for it with the pace of the game.
  1. The best sens NA


Was always on 5, but for the beta I’m sticking with 3

I am always on 5 here, but tomorrow i may try bumping it up to 6.

Started with 3 due to MCC but it turned out way too slow.

Finally increased to 6 and am sticking with it for now.

I always play on the default 3 and it feels great.

I play at 7 with a Kontrol Freek on my right stick, and during Grifball I bump it up to 10.

I play on 5, I’ve tried 6 though it’s too fast for me when aiming.
Further ranges I struggle a bit with 5, to compensate for that I try engaging closer.