What’s something you’re enjoying about Halo Infinite so far?

I’m seeing a lot of negative posts (most of them justified btw), but I’m wondering, what has been your favorite part of Infinite so far? For me I’m really loving how so many of the guns feel fun and satisfying to use.

Please also don’t look at this post as an attempt to shut down the criticism btw, I’m genuinely just wondering what the positives are for people :slight_smile:


Same, I really enjoy the variety of the weapons and vehicles and equipment.


The assault rifle finally feels competitive or close to it, like I’m not being forced to find a br to compete. Back in 2 when it was br or smg it made sense but this is Chief’s, no the entire unscs bread and butter. Brs and dmrs were meant for marksman in a fire team not the entire formation lol.


Gameplay, graphics, map design, armor design, immersion. Custom games are also super fun. Having a blast with this game

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I stuck a hog with 2 enemies while a teammate was hijacking. It blew up flipped and landed with my teammate in the driver seat of a blown up hog carcass. Looking around like what the hell just happend. Plus I got the double kill.

These kinda crazy moments are what I think Halo is all about.

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The crashes, bugs, the bad soft collision and no penalty for leaves in ranked play.

Franchement jadore ce jeix je retrouve mais sensation dhalo 3 jai enfin retaper de vrai duel a l’épée sans parler que la médaille sur le fil et un vrai sur le fil dans halo 5 même si on faisait un sur le fil le joueur nous tuer quand même . les arme sont équilibrée je trouve moi qui jouer que BR depuis halo 3 je joue enfin avec le fusil Dassault car il est enfin efficace face a un BR justement . parcontre la progression d xp pourri je fais les defis en une demi journee ensuite pendant toute la semaine je suis bloquer a faire que 50 point d xp par parti cest horrible . le système de personnalition un peu déçu jaurais tellement aimé quon puisse choisir nos propre couleur comme ds tout les halo et mettre un seul noyaux darmure ou lon pourrait mettre vraiment les pieces darmure quon desire la au moins on pourrais dire que le spartan que lon creer resemble vraiment a notre personnalite . car en gros si on veut mettre le casque de master chief avec genouilliere de samouraï et torse de spartan 7 et bien on peu pas et ça cest une énorme déception pr ma part sachant que jai toujour jouer a tout les halo en torchant la campagne légendaire et du multi a gogo . je ne comprend vraiment pas leur système de noyau darmure dc svp 343 revener a la vrai personnalisation dun spartan avec le choix de nos propre couleur et propre pièce darmure. Et point tres possitif le faite davoir retirer le red vs blue ca cest le pied car on voit enfin nos propre personnalisation de spartan .

I would say custom games but those dont work currently……….

Fiestas fun tho

grappleshot is super fun


It is certainly a gamechanger. I watched a youtube video last night, of two players hijacking a banshee back and forth. I think the channel was ‘SingleHaloClips’. It was certainly something to behold.

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It is certainly a gamechanger. I watched a youtube video last night, of two players hijacking a banshee back and forth. I think the channel was ‘SingleHaloClips’. It was certainly something to behold

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  1. One player grappleshots a structure, the second grapple shots the first player, goes flying across the map.
  2. One player in a wasp, second player in a wasp having a mid air battle. First player jumps out of wasp, grappleshots the other wasp and does a hijack.
  3. BTB - an opposing player jumps on the warthog gun. The driver goes over a cliff, jumps out and grappleshots back onto the map, the gunner dies.
  4. Player parks a warthog and throws a plasma grenade under it. As it flies off, grappleshot to the warthog, goes flying across the map.

Honestly, and by unpopular opinion everything! Yea there are things that need some work and some things really need to be tweaked, but overall i love everything about this game. mostly because this is the first halo game in years. its a new experience and a new learning curve. The new weapons take time to learn their usefulness, the maps take time to learn with the new layouts and the new callouts. And in all honesty, its a real shame seeing all the negativity about it. but thats for another thread. Thank you for this post @KillerKItten753 . Its something much needed. A new flower amongst all the toxic waste lol.

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I’d definitely agree with a lot of what you said. Enjoying a lot the game as to offer!

And I just try to be optimistic :slight_smile: the negativity has honestly been draining lately :confused: wanted to be a little more positive

Equipment is great, I really like the new BTB game modes and the map design is spot on!

I like the realistic look to it.

I’m really starting to like the repulsor, from doing trick jumps or just knocking back a flag carrying Warthog .

There’s a lot of depth within the mechanics and the movement is good.

Almost every match I burst out laughing at a situation.

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The gameplay and the artstyle. This may be my new favorite Halo in terms of mechanics, weapons and stuff.

I like how Halo Infinite is the first Halo that allows mixed controls. Finally, a Halo game that can do what many other games can already do, and lets people with a Razer Tartarus, Hori, Azeron, HOTAS, Steam Controller, and many other alternative controller/joystick/mouse combos work together seamlessly. Finally I can enjoy thumbstick movement and mouse aiming. It feels incredible. They might even add VR support someday, since they had VR demos years ago and recently hired the guy behind Halo VR.

The attention to detail. I purchased the sword waist piece, and every time I jump the hilts come into frame. I can see the hydraulic joints moving back and forth on my prosthetic arm. This game is so wonderfully well done.

The sad thing for me is that I like this game. I enjoy most of the weapons, the graphics look decent, but some of it still feels off to me. The outlines, the monetization etc are all obvious points for the multiplayer, but I’m still very worried about the monotony of the campaign. If the missions don’t manage to capture the same cinematic genius of Reach or 3, then wandering around the PNW isn’t going to keep me entertained for long.

I appreciate the vehicle design for the warthog and razorback, but I’ve still never been onboard with the Wasp, it just looks… off. In fact in general, all of the human vehicles/ships look kinda strange to me… maybe it is just something that doesn’t translate to the newer graphics, but in Reach the frigates looked so industrial, rough, cool, now they look a bit too sleek and glossy to me… similar feelings about the Scorpion and Wasp.

Gameplay mostly feels really really good, I think this is a perfect balance for movement, but damn the flow doesn’t feel the same without assassinations. I know they have limited use in multiplayer, but I can already tell that I’ll find the campaign disappointing without assassinations.

Overall, lots of good work. Is it everything I’ve been waiting for since Halo Reach? Not really… is it what I would expect from a massive massive budget and 6 years of development? Not even close.

Appreciate you looking for the positives though! There are some, and who knows, maybe in a decade this game will achieve the greatness it aspires to, but I have a hard time imagining that the live service aspect will fix all of this. I mostly foresee lots of expensive cosmetics, some old weapons brought back that we shouldn’t have lost in the first place, a couple new game modes, and maybe another campaign that doesn’t gain any traction because it isn’t as immersive and cinematic as the older Halo it seeks to emulate.