What role will Lasky have in Halo 5?

So in Forward Unto Dawn, we were introduced to (then) Cadet Thomas Lasky, who was promised to be a major player in the Halo universe, just as Agent Locke is for the next Halo installment. We’ve seen how he’s progressed to become Captain of the Infinity, and a major player in the universe, but how do you think he will factor into Halo 5 : Guardians?

It seems to me that a lot of focus since the conclusion of Spartan Ops has been placed on Palmer, attempting to flesh out her character and make her a major player in the upcoming storyline. But I’d much rather have Lasky around, an executive with a comprehensive back story that is guided by his own take on orders with a morality spin rather than Palmer, a blunt object of a soldier. To me, Lasky was supposed to fill the shoes of Jacob Keyes and Sgt Johnson as a supporting cast member, but his role for Halo 5 is rather unclear at this point.

What do you think he’ll be doing the next time we see Master Chief in action?