What REQs would you add to the game?

Do you have any ideas for new REQ cards? Share them!

Here are some I think would be real neat:
Weapon REQS:
-Plasma Grenades x2
-Splinter Grenades x2
Since grenades can only be gotten from corpses or loadout perks, spawning grenades for 1 or 2 points would be cool.

Unit REQS:

  • Add 2 more Marines to your current base.
  • Upgrade Marines in Base to ODSTS
  • Upgrade Marines in Base to Spartans (like the ones that fought alongside you in Halo 4)
  • Spawn Marine variants that follow you and man your Warthog turrets

What would you add?

Hmmm, I really like you’re idea about improving the marines.

I would make a Storm Rifle variant that has slightly less power, but is less likely to overheat and causes whoever gets hit with it to wait longer for their shields to begin charging. I’d also make a ghost with faster boosters, and add in the Gravity Hammer.


> 2533274828873924;3:
> Hornets/falcons/hawks

I remember reading somewhere they were planning on adding a human flying vehicle.

anything NEW that isn’t in the game…Im over this “hey its free dlc so lets just make 10 skins for each vehicle” stuff.

I would add the marine bullet shield req. You would have a marine attached to the front of your armor as a meat shield lol

Halo 3 deployables… mines, bubble shields, etc.

Dual weilding armour perk!

Gravity Hammer

I know what I would’t add, more warthog, mongoose and gungoose variants… couldn’t we just have 3 or 4 types? no, just throw 10 or more, many of it you won’t ever play anyway. waste of req’s

Gravity Hammers, so we can have Grifball. I’d like to see Tartarus’ gravity hammer from Halo 2 be a REQ, it could have special properties like the Prophet’s Bane energy sword has.
Maybe a gravity pull ability while holding down Smart Link that mildly pulls enemies from a distance towards you so you can get them close enough to get a killing blow? But while doing this, you can’t move, but get oversheild. And it gets better smash range. Of corse this variant would need to be a Legendary Mythic REQ. It’s just an idea. Don’t know what rarity the default gravity hammer would be, I’d put it a rare unless there’s enough ideas for improved WarZone variants that can make the default gravity hammer to be uncommon like the default energy sword.

I’d like a free req level up boost like say you’re at req level 3 and you could burn a card to give you req level 4 but it takes all of your current reqs or like 3-4 reqs idk but it would be nice because I always get up to req 5 super quick but then get stuck between 5 and 6 forever it seems and I NEED MY DMR!

> 2533274799433208;7:
> Halo 3 deployables… mines, bubble shields, etc.

OTHERS DO EXSIST! It seems nobody cares or remembers the deployables. They made for some of the best gameplay in my opinion.

> 2533274799433208;7:
> Halo 3 deployables… mines, bubble shields, etc.

that is actually a great idea. I would love bubble shields to come back

Absolutely nothing. I’d remove the REQ system entirely actually.

I really want to see the classic plasma riffle come back along with the specter, brute weapons (spiker, mauler, brute shot, spike and flame grenades), the hornet and falcon, the Prowler, the Chopper, a machine gun version of the gungoose, and a troop transport warthog.

  • Hornet and falcon, maybe hawk, although probs just make that a hornet variant.
  • One interesting idea I just thought of would be an armour mod that replaces your grenade and gives you abilities like reach,so the jetpack(maybe), armour lock, bubble shield, hologram(although make it usable), just a thought but it would put those pesky ghost ultras back in there place with the return of armour lock. Obviously we would have to have a limited number of uses per life to reduce the number of “bubl sheld OP” etc threads.
  • Storm rifle variants - seriously, why the complete lack of love for this weapon, no camo on halo 4 and no variants on 5, also throw in a few suppressor and carbine variants.
  • I’d prefer if they edited some of the 6 variants of warthogs/mongeese etc we already have but seeing as that’s unlikely, how about some kind of barrier protecting, in the watchdogs case, the gunner - think of it as a miniature deployable cover protecting the gunners face, just don’t mix this with an oni chaingun.
  • someone else already mentioned it but a way to upgrade marines and/or a req that allows them to get in vehicles with you to man the turrets etc.
  • magnum variants, so silenced, kinetic bolt etc
  • the return of the gravity hammer, halo reach grenade launcher, maybe the focus rifle, sticky detonator, needle rifle. And variants for all of them.

Think that’s everything I’d like, there’s a lot more than I realised but I would enjoy this game a lot more with these additions.

Upgrading the marines sounds awesome imo. That could mix up the gameplay much more than high-level reqs. Just imagine if you could spawn squads of ODSTs to attack the enemy, it would make for great battles.

What you said but also the falcon, the other granade from halo 3, and a random granade req

Gravity Hammer and it’s Golf Club
Also a assassination that’s hitting a Spartans down and launching him with the golf club and send the body flying.
Magnum Customizations
(maybe) to improve colors, cosmetic color req packs and maybe have specific packs for Colors/ weapon skins