What remake do you prefer?

Which kind of remake do you prefer?

Exact same map just better graphics… ex:

midship - heretic

Same map, but some things are different… ex:

zanzibar - last resort

Or same layout, but a totally new look and scenery… ex:

Ivory tower - reflection

lock down - black out

Exact same with better graphics.

Exactly the same with/without graphics. I dont care about graphics.

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BTW Lockdown is actually Lockout and there are some slight changes between the original and Blackout. For instance, that jump to sniper tower is no longer there. Ivory Tower and Reflection also have key differences: the weapon and equipment layout is different and the 2 grav lifts that are next to the ledge near the sword and the waterfall are further apart and don’t lift you directly onto the H2 shotgun platform.

I do prefer remakes that are complete copies of the older version, but have a new look and feel to it. It’s nice to look back at a map you liked and see it reskinned.

> Exact same with better graphics.

> > Exact same with better graphics.

> Exact same with better graphics.