What redesigned Gen 2 do you want in Infinite?

With so many options of customization and the likely return of some possibly refurbished Gen 1 armors, I wanted to ask the community what redesigned to fit the art-style Gen 2 armor they wanted to return! Personally, I would love for the Hunter armor to return if it could be redesigned to fit the art-style. I’m not a very big fan of Locke, but his armor was quite unique!

War master set
warrior set
hellcat set

Halo 4 ODST specifically
And a bunch of others that I’m forgetting about. Those are the main ones, though.

Gen II Mark V from Halo 4 is all I ask!

Scanner. One of the only decent helmets from 4. I’d like to see the actual scanner part be an optional attachment.

I never owned it myself but I do have a fondness for Helioskrill. It’s one of the only Gen2 designs besides Decimator that I didn’t hate.

Athlon (helmet)
Technician (helmet and armor)
Helljumper (helmet and armor, I want it seperate from traditional ODST)
Locus (helmet)

Those are the main ones for me. Specially athlon

War Master

The Main sets I want to see as GEN3

I want the versions of ODST from the Halo 3 ODST game. I like pretty much all of the ODST themed armors though.

I was always a fan of the Warrior Helmet, it was one of the few GEN 2 helmets I actually liked. Maybe the Atlas or Engineer sets as well I would like to see redesigned.

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> Gen II Mark V from Halo 4 is all I ask!

Haha, I’m a big MK V fan myself so I’m with you!

  • Athlon! it doesn’t need a major redesign as it is already a fairly good armor, but a bit of an update would be welcome. I just really want to see it return - seeker. there’s a lot of pretty good redesigns of this armor, there are definitely was of making it look good while still being recognizable.

I love the Gen 2 HUNTER Class Armor(Locke’s armor)! But a “redesign to fit the new artstyle” would remove the armor’s unique asthetic and take away everything that was special about the armor’s look and feel. A redesign would simplify it to the point where it would no longer be unique, just another bland, over simplified armor in the collection. No, keep it in it’s entirety from Halo 5. I’d go so far as to say that the variant present in Halo 5’s campaign is the one to implement in the multiplayer, complete with the glowing energy conduits, the specialized techsuit, Resolute visor, and color pallet. Just bring it up to modern lighting and graphic fidelity. If 343i did that, I would be a happy boy for sure. Just no more redesigns, please.

One that could use a “refit” is the COPPERHEAD variant. The helmet was a bit too bulbous and needs to smooth out the ‘chin’ area; keep it pointy, just less visually busy, simplify the ‘chin’ and make the armor more organic looking with more rounded edges and smooth, -Yoink!- lines.

Let’s also bring the “alpha” ODST armor? Into the multiplayer. By “alpha” I mean the armor used by the ODST’s in Halo 2. That helmet and armor was, after all, our first encounter with the venerable ODST in their traditional armor set, let’s see a fully realized Gen 3 variant.

Also, how about a Gen 3 SPI variant. I mean, if one were inclined, one could use the Nightfall armor, with the Gen 1 EVA helm and archive the look somewhat, in Halo 5, but a full SPI looking armor would be a cool piece of kit for sure.

I love the ornate HELIOSKRILL armor seen in Halo 5. Touch up the lighting, and graphic fidelity, and it would be a masterpiecemuah.