What Reach Should've Been

Hello fellow fans, I’ve come to you with a late but astounding idea. If this ever is optioned in how many years for a Halo Reach Remake {I doubt it} for the console after xbox one. Dont get me wrong, I put well over 20 days into the multiplayer on my neighbors xbox and mine combined. It was Halo 3 with better graphics and improved multiplayer along with forge. Back to the point, for what I thought should’ve been
implemented in Reach. {Note: The last one would probably be a PC exclusive game type}
Point 1: A PC port, quite the way to go out with a bang, there’s nothing like going back to one of the platforms you started on! The console port will not be stripped down like PC ports to consoles {which is somewhat rare and blandly done}but the PC port would just be able to handle more features!

Point 2: Space combat, yes you heard me Sabres vs Space Banshees, this would probably work both on pc and consoles. Interesting game modes that could’ve been added to this space combat would be plan TDM. A flag escort mission, a covie battlecruiser defending from UNSC fighters. And for the the UNSC, you get the point.

Point 3: Map making. No, not the forge type with blocks. I mean increasing the water height in certain points, inclement weather! Landscaping! This would’ve worked better on PC but still somewhat manageable on console.

Point 4: Persistent online war. Insurrectionists UNSC Covenant

Pc port with 64 players on specially designed maps for 30v30v30 {That more than likely is already possible on todays games} Each side with strengths and weaknesses.

Point 4.5: Modding, oh yes the epicness defined on the pc itself. It would keep the community stronger than ever!I know Reach’s MP lasted well over 3/½ years, ON A CONSOLE. Thats pretty good by me. Back to the point, Those few frizzled gems accidentally created by the devs. Can be fixed by the community! Lets say you don’t like the mini map as a circle. You can change that! DIY or community made, it will be your fine tuned experience tuned even tighter!

Thank you if you’ve stuck around this long!

WTH??? Reach on PC and Full with Mods and Matchmaking for 90 players???

are you insane?