What range of weapons are you best with?

Hey guys! This is mah first thread so Imma enjoy it as much as I can! :smiley:

So players, what range of weapons in Reach are you best with? Are you best in close quaters with your trusty Shotgun, Energy Sword, or your fists of fury? Are you best at mid-range combat with the DMR being your best weapon? Or are you best at picking off the bee kayz from afar with your Sniper Rifle?

Or maybe you’re leet at all ranges and all other players should ph33r your amazing skills!

Personally, I’m best at both close quarters and long range. I can’t shoot with a DMR to save my life. (Unless I’m shooting it from long-range.)

So, what are you best with? Post! Post! Post! >:D

I prefer EMP weapons like the M319 Grenade Launcher or the T-25 Plasma Pistol but, I will usually have a pistol or any med or short range head-shot capable weapon to finish the kill if he/she does not perish from the initial shot.

Close quarters I would have to say pistol and fist, medium I would still have to say pistol, long I would have to say pistol.

Its odd cause I feel most comfortable in close quarters and very long range fights but a large majority of my kills are with the DMR which is midrange and my least comfortable range. So I guess Im best with mid just not very comfortable with it.

Med, and Epic long range.

EOD, 'nades, and CQC.

I like mid range but I do well in close or long BUT I really prefer mid