What playlists would you like to see?

Aside from the played out record that is “There better be a classic playlist with none of these CoD additions!”, what playlists would you guys like to see in Halo 4 matchmaking?

I myself want a dedicated playlist to Capture the Flag and a 1-on-1 playlist.

Action Sack and Grifball.

I think I preferred griffball as a double xp weekend playlist. In reach, it’s just an easy way to get kills for challenges.

1v1 with leaderboards would be really cool.

they should bring back some sort of clan playlist where your clan is up against another clan kind of like the clan matches in halo 2

I’d love more minigames in Action Sack, but to have that and Grifball limited to doublexp weekends. They just seem to lose their novelty in Reach, being available all the time.

Also, I’d love to see more objective gametypes included in infection.