What Playlists do you want to see in Infinite?

Personally, I really want to see Action Sack as a permanent Social Playlist again. It’s one of my favorite modes and a great way to play a few rounds when I have time. I also really love Swat…but of course that will be there. I also…Wouldn’t absolutely hate a BR playlist…as long as it’s a single mode. I’ve never really gotten into BRs but a Halo Battle Royale might be kind of fun.

Classic Halo.

Gonna be honest, I’d like if they made a Classic Halo playlist that doesn’t have Sprint and maps designed for a lack of sprint (or just higher BMS).

Battle Royale.

Action Sack, Grifball, Infection, and SWAT are the big non-traditional types that need permanent playlists IMO. The rotational playlist can be Shotty Snipers, Team Duals (if applicable), etc. But I reallly dislike Grifball and Action Sack being rotational playlists.

Racing and race tracks

Team objective would be great. A playlist with a mix of game types like Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, Oddball, and maybe some new game types.

Firefight like Reach and ODST!!!

Capture the Flag, Odd Ball, and BTB are a must. Ricochet was amazing but probably won’t come back. Crazy King with 3-4 teams of 3 players each (like reach). Dominion was my favorite game mode and I would like to see it return. It is hard to get a match of Dominion in MCC.

The matchmaking system for MCC should 100% be the foundation of Infinite’s matchmaking. Give us ~10 ranked playlists, and then the match making composer for social. MCC’s matchmaking composer is my favorite feature of any game if the entire generation.

As for specific playlists, I want a solo que only 4v4 playlist with a mix of slayer, CTF, and Assault in both social and ranked. I would also appreciate a solo que warzone playlist, but I think that’s unlikely.