what playlists do you play and

are they in certain order or are they random? My new one of playing Reach is to play every playlist in order starting from the top which for me Anniversary Classic. I go down all the way skipping Grifball and coop campaign then start over.

How about you?

My usual playlists, in no particular order:

  • Anniversary BTB
  • Regular BTB
  • Anniversary Classic
  • Grifball
  • Action Sack
  • Squad DLC

Anniversary Classic, Anniversary BTB, and Super Slayer (barely) are the only playlists I remotely enjoy.

Mine :

  • Regular BTB
  • Arena
  • Obj
  • Super slayer

Mine in no particular order:

  • Arena
  • Anniversary Classic
  • MLG
  • Super Slayer
  • BTB

I want to start getting into the objective playlist more often though.