What playlist will your CSR be in?

Mine is FFA.


CTF, Grifball, and Action Sack

Every playlist that is not Swat, Grifball, Action Sack, and Regicide I care about getting a decent rank in.

All of them! …Is this a trick question? o_O

> All of them! …Is this a trick question? o_O

Why limit yourself, right?!?!







Pretty much anything that involves close quarters combat.

any list that take ‘‘lone performance’’ and not ‘‘team performance’’

I will attempt a CSR in Infinity Slayer, BTIS, CTF, Dominon, Team Objective, SWAT, Castle DLC, FFA and possibly Team Throwdown.

Why not, right?


As Snickerdoodle said below, as CSR will be in every play list, why not try them all.

And, assuming that the OP meant which will play list you get a 50, then what I said above.

Ocassional FFA playlists.

I’m not going into Throwdown until I can muster up a reliable team to practice with.

> > All of them! …Is this a trick question? o_O
> Why limit yourself, right?!?!

Well I’m assuming the OP meant to ask “What playlist will your CSR 50 be in” or something like that but since CSR is going to be in every playlist…I’ll have a rank of something in everything so…all of them!

I’m not sure which one I’m going to actively try in. I know that Throwdown will be the playlist in which most people try to judge their skills so I’m not going to bother with that unless I know I have a full team that wants to play on a daily basis for weeks on end.

Prob going to try most of them but the main one I’m going on is BTB.

Mainly BTB and FFA. I’ll probably also try Multi Team, Action Sack, Castle DLC, and Regicide. If I get bored, I’ll try to get it in all the playlists.

Infinity Slayer until Legendary drops, though I’ll probably never see a 50 considering I’m not even close on HTR.

IS and Dominion.
Possibly FFA

IS and FFA are my main targets

I actually go down the list and play one gametype after the other… So all of them I guess. Hey variety is the spice of life.