What Planets/Locations Could Play A Role?

Hello, Waypoint. I’m sure everyone’s pumped for E3 and filled with other theories and guesses about Guardians, but here’s more stuff for your excited brains to gnaw on.

Location, location, location. Which locations in the Halo universe do you guys think could play a major role in the upcoming Halo title? Another Halo ring? A trip perhaps to Installation 07, where the numerous Graveminds will be revealed? Another Forerunner planet, discovered with the aid of the Janus Key? (because one side’s gonna eventually wind up with both pieces.)

Or possibly Sanghelios, home turf of the Elites, as this piece of concept art may very well depict? (Notice the Elite with energy sword statue, non-Forerunner or human buildings, and possible duo sun.)

So, what do you guys think? What destinations does our beloved Chief (or ONI Spartan!) have in store for them? And what will those destination hold? Guardians is still far in the future, but I’m interested to see some of your theories. :slight_smile:

I honestly believe that you are correct with the location of that world.
As for the place, I’d say Thermopylae… :wink: (terrible history joke)
But I think that they will soon come to the arks just as a guess.

Maybe a planet completely taken by the flood?

Charnum Hakkor (or whatever Ancient Humanity’s capital is called) and the remains of the Greater Ark.

i’d like to see Charrum Hakkor appear in the games