What pay model would you prefer for multiplayer? [POLL]

I’m curious as to what model people would prefer. We’d all want it completely free but 343 and Microsoft do need to make money, so these are what I came up with. Another one I didn’t want to add would be Free to Play and cosmetics but pay for DLC, as I don’t think that’d be sustainable. Personally I’d rather go back to the old version used in Halo 2 - 4. If you have any of your own ideas or comments, feel free to post.

  • Pay for the game and dlc but free cosmetics. (Halo 2-4)
  • Free to Play but pay for cosmetics. (Current model)
  • Pay for the game and cosmetics but free dlc. (Halo 5)
  • Other. (Comment down below)

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Maybe the current model could also be different if they just added everything to the pass but made it more expensive. Not keen on passes though as it’s like buying dlc but you still need to unlock it.

Keep microtransactions out of Halo and other good game franchises. Thanks.

Edit: Anyone reckon Metroid Prime 4 will have a “battle pass” and cosmetic microtransactions, if it ever comes out?


A battle pass that you cannot pay to skip, but isn’t incredibly tedious to grind, and no store at all, basically if you buy the battle pass you should be able to unlock every single item available in that season from it, you should not be able to skip it with money because it completely negates any sort of feeling of accomplishment from progressing it when you see someone at max level day one because they paid $200.

Make the battle pass more expensive if you want more money, if it actually had a substantial amount of content and everything else wasn’t blood-suckingly predatory then people would be more than happy to pay.


I agree, but I’d still let people pay to progress as it’s their money, as long as it’s viable for free players, and it allows another revenue for 343 to get cash.

Battle pass that gives you automatic access to the season cosmetics the moment you buy it, along with currency and maybe some timed boost, add exclusive weapon skins for buying it.

Those that dont want to pay get not boost, no extra currency and no exclusive weapon skins, but let them get the same season unlocks by playing and grindind instead of paywalling the -Yoink!- out of everything, and let it be a fun grind, not a second job.

Gears 5 did this, halo can do it too.


They just need to make the current battle pass good with basic skins and decent stuff not have all the decent stuff be for past level 50. While having to amazing stuff guns with crazy skins being priced at 10$. This battle pass is wack af

I said others, but more less pay for the game and free cosmetics. (I rather earned them through leveling up, completing missions, achievements, and challenges)

So I have something to show I put time and effort into certain things.

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No battle pass (seriously, screw you Gabe Newell for coming up with the battle pass concept). Earn armor pieces for free as you play. If you want, you can pay for a whole armor set of your choice. Color customization like the old games with none behind a paywall.

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