What other game modes are there for Halo 5?

I’m just curious about it. We know there is:

  • War zone - Breakout - Strongholds - Team SlayerI don’t really know much about Halo 5’s Game modes but the above are confirmed. Is there any other game modes you guy’s know that are confirmed or currently in development? Feel free to share with the Halo fans and community.

Warzone will have two variants; one is the PvP & PvE version that has been demonstrated, but the other is supposed to be a progressive 1-sided attack/defend mode that’s PvP only.

BTB is reported as arriving a little after the game releases.

Those you listed are obviously included (confirmed) and they mentioned that there will be either a Capture the Flag or meshed Objective playlist including CTF at release. Another that I’m pretty sure they already either confirmed or hinted at is the Halo Championship Series playlist too.

Personally, I’m hoping to see a playlist offering like the one I created here.

We know CTF will return, it’s a given. I’m positive KOTH, Oddball, SWAT, Grifball, and Snipers will also return. Ricochet will probably make a return seeing as H2A has it.

I hope we also see Extraction and Dominion return. Those were really great gametypes but sadly saw little attention in Halo 4 because 343i removed the playlist for Dominion and Extraction rarely showed up. Plus the new items they brought to Forge made for great decorations for bases.

I’d also like to see Stockpile, Juggernaut, Headhunter, Territories from the other Halo games. Oh, and the classic Infection, not Flood, Infection. H2A offers some great gamemodes for it and I’d love to see some return.

WE NEED VIP FROM HALO 3 BACK This game mode was an amazing game to play on sand trap, which came with great moments and awesome strategy.

I also played easily the best action sack game mode from halo 4, it was called husky raid, me and my friends got off after that because of how good it is.