What order is best 2 complete specializations

I have completed the Pioneer & Operator Specializations. But I’m not sure which 1 would be the next best 1 to complete. Does anybody know this info or do you just do them? What’s the best order to complete the Specializations in?

Depends on what play style you’re aiming for next.

So far I have Pioneer and Pathfinder finished, and I’m currently working on engineer. if you plan on becoming a more efficient “Heavy Gunner”, then the Pathfinder specialization’s support upgrade would help wonders, as it applies to both vehicle and stationary Machine-gun turrets.

Not really sure about the others just yet, though my next specialization is going to be tracker, so I can stack both that and Ordnance Priority so I can give out more ordnance drops for my team.

Like above, it depends on what play style you like to play. If you for example like running around with a turret you should choose Pathfinder, if you like getting revenge you should choose Stalker, if you understand what I mean.

If you use precision rifle I suggest you should give the Rouge specialization a try, I find the Stability mod the most useful for my playstyle and use it a lot, but like I said to a little research about what the specialization give you and choose what fits you best :slight_smile:

Or you could do what I did and choose it based on armour preference. I can’t say I even use the mods that came with them but I do use the armour.