What older map would you like them to remake?

So they brought back one of the best big team maps, Valhalla and renamed it Ragnarock. Valhalla being one of my favorite maps, I always want to play it any time I am in big teams or capture the flag. But would you like to see some more older maps return? If so, which would you want remade?

I would really like a remake of Guardian/Lockout. Although Lockout has been remade multiple times, I still see it as a fairly popular map. Another would be Contruct. I fairly liked that map in Halo 3 and I believe it would fit greatly in Halo 4 due to being a Forerunner map. Others I would consider are Cold Storage, Epitaph, and Narrows.

I would prefer them to NEVER make any remakes. I want new maps, which is why I bought a new game. I already played those maps 1000 times and I don’t feel like playing them 2000 times…

I would love to see Terminal from Halo 2 i think it would fit in if they just changed the size of it and i would love to see Last resort from Halo3 and Relic from Halo 2


forge world from reach, the forge worlds have taken away too much power away for creating great large maps due to un removable structures, the grassland forge world is too small, they wont even allow to go behind the cliff which would have been a fun place to build

beaver creek


Blood gulch
Boarding Action

And more…

The pit. Or Last Resort.

Sandtrap, Avalanche or Guardian

Death Island
Forge World

It’s been 10 long years since we’ve been able to frag out to blood gulch and hang em’ high. Dont give me that hemorrhage crap either that was not BG.

that being said, it would be nice if they would keep the old maps and continue providing us with new maps. EI: when halo 5 releases it should have every halo 4 map in it, and then a new set of mp maps to go with it. The same should of been done with h2/h3…

The one level that I’ve always wanted a remake of!

I would like to see Guardian as a remake.
Every map except Haven and Ragnarock sucks-.-

last resort
etc etc
pretty much all from H3 except Pit, it was such a basic and annoying map and bored me so much everyother map though was brilliant!!

The Pit
Last Resort
Beaver Creek
Ivory Tower
Avalanche (BTB)
Sand Trap or Tarp or w/e its name is (BTB)
High Ground
Edit: Headlong

I’m only suggesting these maps because 343i has shown that they can’t make good multiplayer maps.

So in order to at least save some points of Halo they shouldn’t be able to mess the remakes up…

The one map I’d like to play is Boarding Action from the original Halo.

Sandtrap… but with Mammoths.


NONE! Valhalla was one of my favorite maps in H3. However, Ragnorak is just overplayed, and I don’t want any of my favorite maps from H2 or H3 ruined for the same reason. Besides, those maps were made for H2 and H3, not H4.

Now if the maps wouldn’t be over played, I’d love to see Sandtrap, Longshore, Terminal, Relic, and Avalanche return. Maybe even bring Sandbox in as a new forge environment, just take out the blast cannons as the boundaries of the map and let us build in the entire area that they gave us in Halo 3. Also keep the sky box, just take out the boundary between it and the ground level.

All of them.