What old characters will return in Halo Infinite?

I was just wondering if any of the old veterans of the halo franchise will return in halo infinite. like the arbiter, Lord Hood and others?

Master Chief. Cortana. Halsey. Maybe 343 or his awakened human form?

What is either confirmed or incredibly likely?

  • Chief - CortanaWhat I hope to see?

  • Thel 'Vadam - Rtas 'Vadum - Guilty Spark - Johnson’s son (okay so this is a long shot, but it would be cool to find out the Johnson had a son with Jilian Al Cygni who has similar mannerisms)

343 guilty spark and rtas vadum hopefully. Both were some of my favorite characters and could benefit the story in multiple way especially spark with his new goal of tracking down the librarian.

Captain Cutter!

Blue Team, Cortana, Lasky, Hasley, Arby.

Would be nice:
Lord Hood, some of ODST

Long shot:
Cutter and co. including Atriox (because that would make Infinte’s story SUPER complex on top of what we already have in terms of a messy story with H5 leading to Infinite)
Jun and other classic Spartans
Gravemind…I mean, technically a Gravemind is a hivemind with a giant body to house its core right? So our good ol’ pal might just need a new body to show up again.

Likely, but nah:
Didact and Warden.

we’ll definitely see chief, cortana, halsey, lasky, and palmer. warden’s also got a pretty good chance of showing up but I don’t know if he’ll show up as frequent as he did in halo 5. hopefully not as many warden fights. possibly blue team, osiris, or arbiter but I’m not expecting them to show up for very long if they do. hopefully we also get to see anders, her appearance might be a set up for the next game in which the spirit of fire finally gets tied into the main story and then atriox can take over as the main villain for the halo universe.

johnson, he came back in H2 because not in H infinite :v Kappa