What of the Specializations?

Ok so I purchased the Limited edition that is supposed to give you early access to the 6 specializations.

Honestly all I did was open the wrapper and played the campaign and after doing my Solo Legendary I put a few codes in but all I see is the dumb Camo Assault Rifle.

Forgive me for not knowing but am I missing something or did I not do something to be able to access this stuff. Maybe I missed stuff on this topic.

Anyone who knows, please let me know.

I had I think like 3 codes. One for the gun and I think the other 2 were for like an avatar or 2. Never really saw anything for the specialization stuff. I thought they said everyone was getting it now to start off.

Ok so I just read that was a lie. WTF is that all about.

Well you win some you get ripped off some. Nice one if this is true 343i.

Usually only two specialisations are available, as of now. If you have the LE or a code from a few retailers for pre-ordering, it gives access to all 8 from the start, you have to reach level 50 first though.

When 343 said EARLY ACCESS, they mean you would be able to access them weeks earlier than SE purchasers, NOT that you would be able to access them earlier than Lv50.

I can see why you would be confused though.

D’oh! Man I am only a 26. I try to play but I don’t always have the time.

Oh well, I am not that great anyway so whatever.

Sorry to disappoint bro. Next time research what each of your codes are for, and if you think it won’t be useful to you, you could always sell it or trade it.

might as well post this here instead of making another thread,

i’ve just reached 50, and noticed all the specializations were available to choose from,

I have the SE version which i pre-ordered from Game (UK), and i got the Oceanic armour and Arctic BR skin as bonuses, but i’ve just noticed on the card that has the codes on it that it also say’s i have the other 6 Specializations included so does this mean i won’t be capped at 70??