What new thing would you rather see in Halo 5

Well I’ve heard some ideas, I have some ideas. So I would like to see how you people see these ideas and which one is the most desired. Out of these ideas.

1-More players in MP: I.E 10 v 10 or even 20 v 20 battles

2-NPC’s and Forge-able NPC’s in forge/customs. Pretty much bots you can control

3-A full map editor along with forge. Like farcry with forge added to it.

4-Custom Games finder/starter. Allows you to find customs or start your own.

5-forgeable campaign missions. Go into a mission and change NPC/weapon/and basic locations. It would have limits but basically you would be able to change battles.

The first choice.

I much rather have a full map editor that’s PC based, not Xbox based, plus a full map editor could mean the other “new” features could be in there, but more players per game.

I’d want a real map editor. The Halo series is long overdue for one.

I know this isn’t in there, but I would love if they added just a BUNCH of new weapons. And they don’t even have to put them in matchmaking. I just wanna see weapons like the flame grenade and sentinel beams like in Halo 3, where they were pretty much exclusively forge.
It would make custom games much more unique. Which I think should be like Reaxh, only expanded upon. I like the flood idea, but allow normal infection as well so that there are zombie Spartans, not non-adjustable flood forms.