What new guns do you despise, and which guns do you wish you had instead?

Fairly obvious question for you all. I’ll start.

Most despised weapons:
Shock rifle (-5 out of 10)
Vk78 Commando (no consistency)
Pulse carbine (useless)
Mk50 sidekick (everyones go to strategy)

Beam rifle (at least useful)
DMR (no room for error)
Plasma rifle (can at least do something)
Magnum: Halo3, H:R (had a set purpose)

Share your despised and or wishlist guns below. Im curious to see what you guys (the community) have to say. No wrong answers.


VK Commando.

The gun just isn’t doing its job as well as it could. I’m pretty much over the nerf, BUT if you are going to nerf a gun, don’t forget to add a buff to compensate.

It needs an aim assist buff.


HI Plasma Pistol

H3 Plasma Pistol


Quite a few sadly. Many of them I think can be fixed.

Despised Weapons:

  1. Commando: Very inefficient (50% accuracy for a perfect kill, 65% accuracy for a body kill), Crazy Bloom and Recoil (it just need 1 of these) and the 343’s insistence that it the BR equal. It is not.

  2. Shock Rifle: Not because it think it’s weak, but because it’s 1-shot headshot tkes away from it other shocky qualities.

  3. Stalker Rifle: I actually like the gun, but that slight bullet travel makes what’s supposed to be a sniper perform rather poorly at range.

  4. Pulse Carbine: Just bring back the Brute Plasma Rifle, it was perfect in H5.

  5. Plasma Pistol: It needs better tracking and it’s EMP back. The Disruptor is not the answer.


  1. A rebalance Commando, the DMR or just scrap it entirely. It’s not that interesting.

  2. The Focus Rifle. LET ME EXPLAIN. The Shock Rifle is the 3rd sniper-class gun to fire a burst of rounds or allow sustained fire (the other 2 are the Focus Rifle and the Binary Rifle). The problem with the Focus Rifle was that its only function was to deal damage, but it took too long to do that (this is a problem ranged guns can’t have since it’s easier to hide from them). What I want the SR to do is:

    • Sentinel Beam levels of damage: The SB kills spartans very quickly if you can keep the beam on them.

    • Instead of doing incredible vehicle damage, it EMPs vehicles as long as the shock beam is held on target.

    • Conclusion: So instead of being a discount sniper with mild EMP capabilities, it’s a dedicated, long-range EMP gun. In addition to doing decent damage vs. Spartans it would still have the “arcing” ability to damage groups of enemy and shoot metal objects.

  3. A combination of the Carbine, Beam Rifle and Light Rifle:

    • Hipfire: Quick, “weak” rounds (7-8 shot headshot)
    • Scoped: A single powerful burst (1 shot headshot), but immediately over heats the gun and uses up more battery percentage.
    • Conclusion: A hipfire mode like the Carbine, a scoped mode like the Beam Rifle and the combined alt-fire mechanic of the Light Rifle.
  4. Bring back H5’s Brute Plasma Rifle. I adored how it had barely enough damage to kill a single spartan before the overheat threshold, so you often had to really control your bursts to get kills. However, it shredded shields like crazy, so in CQC you could destroy a shield much fast than the AR and finish with a melee. So it naturally had that “trade-up-ability” that makes Halo, Halo.

  5. Either make the PP like the H3 version with EMP and no tracking or make it like the Reach-5 versions with EMP and heavy tracking. Also bring back the over-charge splash damage. Infinite’s hitbox is so small it’s very easy to just strafe around it.


Shock Rifle. It’s a worse-version of the Sniper Rifle in pretty much every way that counts.

Commando. It’s actually not bad in something like LSS. Absolutely rubbish everywhere else.

Cindershot. It’s annoying to shoot and it’s annoying to be shot by. I feel like I’m about to lose my hearing every time I’m shot by it.

And honestly? The stuff they lost in translation.

The Beam Rifle. Sure, it’s a lot like the Sniper Rifle, but it never had to reload. You couldn’t fire as quickly, but you didn’t have to reload.

Carbine. Felt way more consistent and stronger than the Commando.

Grenade Launcher. At least it’s concussive impacts don’t rupture my eardrums.

  1. Pulse Carbine. No more disappointung weapon spawn in the game.

  2. Plasma Pistol. Just not much of a point because of how it was changed.

  3. Disruptor. Takes too long to kill, and too long to disable a vehicle.

I’d change the carbine into a more traditional plasma rifle or repeater. I’d remove the disruptor entirely and put vehicle disabling back on the PP.

Not a huge fan of the Commando, Shock Rifle or Stalker rifle either, but I think those weapons are salvagable with some rebalancing. These three are just bad.




Especially the supposed “Sandbox Purists”. This was always the reason to pick up the Beam Rifle. It never “really” needed to reload and you could even pocket reload it. Anyone who’s gotten a killionaire in H3 Snipers knows exactly how useful this trait is.


Pretty much all of the shock weapons honestly. They have invalidated the plasma weapons, and still don’t really do anything spectacular. They are a pointless addition and shouldn’t have been implemented.

The MK50 Sidekick is also egregious and needs a nerf. When a pistol is out gunning an assault rifle at mid range it’s time to reconsider your balance


I think the Shock weapons are very much like the Dual-Wielding situation:

They aren’t a bad idea, they just suffer from poor implementation.

They actually do some pretty interesting things (some of them are things Halo’s never seen before). But 343 insistence on making them the only EMP weapons is part of the problem.


I never understood why this difference wasn’t big enough for a lot of people.

The beam rifle didn’t do quite as much damage to vehicles too, so it still left room in the sandbox for the regular sniper to be useful. The two were a perfect sandbox rivalry pair!


I agree, it definitely needs some work in the staying on target area. Aim assest would definitely help it out for sure


Yeah the plasma pistol is definitely not what it use to be. I’d say its in the worst state its ever been. How can it not disable vehicles for one and two its only real use is in Fiesta :rofl:


It’s also worldbuilding reasons. What I love about Halo was that the enemy had their own tech. But Infinite’s Banished are just a bunch of scavengers. Sure that’s part of their schtick (and Brutes in general), but it’s kind of lame seeing a Brute fire a Rocket Launcher at you instead of a Fuel Rod Cannon. Also canonically, Covenant tech is supposed to be (centuries?) ahead of UNSC tech. So why would any self-respecting warlord use primitive human tech over superior Elite/Brute tech?


Yea, the shock rifle replacing the Beam rifle just straight up frustrates me. Really hurts the Team snipers game mode particularly


I’ll just list what weapons I feel like don’t work properly because just replacing a bunch of weapons with old ones doesn’t solve much. It just makes the sandbox repetitive since by Halo Reach most of the guns were the same just covenant or unsc themed. I like 343’s attempt at having each weapon having roles, but it wasn’t thought through entirely.

Shockrifle: This gun is fine with bots. But once I’m in a match with desync, shots are off. Also, why does it say it is a burst weapon when it isn’t? It is a sniper pretending to be a marksman rifle
Stalker Rifle: It is a marksman rifle pretending to be a sniper. I wish the first zoom wasn’t so large. Needs to be 2x or 3x not 5x.
Commando: No consistency, even when you feather the trigger.
Sidekick: Too spammy… actually I feel like the commando and sidekick need to swap places. The sidekick is a better commando than the commando.
Bulldog: Why does this gun fire left of the reticle? It isn’t in the center, I have to aim off the reticle to land shots. This is dumb!
Mangler: Please return the melee to how it was.
Plasma Pistol: Only noob combos. Needs more regular uses.
Pulse Carbine: Useless outside of its “goldilocks zone” of range. Too close, TTK is too slow. Too far, tracking is useless. Can’t lead your shots because of said tracking.
Explosives: Hydra, cindershot, rockets, grenades, everything. Completely inconsistent.
Spike Grenade: More spikes, more bounces.

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I feel like the shock weapons should be able to arc off people. Like the disruptor supercombine and maybe add one to the shockrifle where it jumps from player to player, but each jump does less damage calculated off the base damage of the main target.
So let’s say I got a headshot with the shock rifle, then the next person it jumps to, shields break, then the ones after, half shields, and so on proportionally.

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They actually did the rivalry a lot with a lot of different weapons back in Halo 3. The Spiker was the SMG rival, the Carbine was the BR rival, and the Shotgun was the Sword rival, for some examples.

The key thing about these rivalries, is that the weapons are similar in class, but they’re different in application. The SMG has a larger magazine with more kick, but it’s also hitscan/projectiles fly quickly. The Spiker fires projectiles with a smaller magazine, less kick, and it does more damage in melee. The weapons are similar, but they’re distinct enough to be totally different in function. Skilled players can recognize those differences and, when applicable, take advantage of those differences.

It technically fires three shots every time. This is why you can get a Perfect with it. Functionally, you’ll almost never see that though.


It already does this. However, they do it a bit differently.

I’m not sure if it does this.

What I was suggesting was just a change to how the shock Rifle fires. Right now it’s just a glorified sniper and the arcing get’s treated like a secondary ability.

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I can’t remember who said it, but another forum-user said something along the lines of: “Guns can have the same function while also having different behaviors.”

Function vs. behavior is very important.

Compare the AR to the Plasma Rifle or the Plasma Repeater. Or the Spartan Laser to the Skewer. And so on.

Spike Grenades

replace with the ACTUAL Spike Grenades of Halo 3. I dunno who’s “big brain” idea it was to make them throw super slowly, have such a delayed timer, and make it so even being hit with the ricocheting spikes does negligible damage.

Stalker Rifle

Why not give us the Needle Rifle or the Covenant Carbine?


Firebomb Grenades did better at area denial and destruction of players.

Pulse Carbine

Plasma Rifle would be preferable