What NEW Gametype would you like to see?

Right, for years now halo fans have been creating a whole host of game types, and now with the Arsenal of the Forge at our disposal, we are essentially limited only by our Imagination.

A classic example is the fan made zombies!!! which now has been took up as an game type! So creationists, what do you think could be the next Infection??

(Try and keep it within the parameters of the game)

So for me here is a few:

Tower Heist: No shields, Shotguns only.

Have a tower or a high point which has a mounted machine gun at the top, it has at least 85% view of the map, and their is only one. Teams must rush to the tower, take it (Not king of the hill style) and use it against the opposing team. The opposing team then has to capture it. This was a very popular Halo 2 custom game made mainly in Accession. High score limit

Banshee’d: CQ Weapons only.

Like the battlefield 1943 Air supremacy, but with banshees

Battle Royal: Any Shields, Any Weapons.

This is my favourite idea. Like the classic film Battle Royale the map is split up into grids, the game is a set time rather than a race to a particular score. As the time counts down, a random grid will glow red, any occupants of that grid has 10 seconds to remove themselves or…Boom. Dead. As the end of the game nears, the size of the grids get bigger, when by the end literally half the map is red.