What new gamemodes can 343 bring to the plate

Halo will now be running on significantly better hardware. How do you expect 343 to take advantage of that when creating or modifying new gamemodes? I’d personally enjoy something similar to invasion, but on a larger scale with more vehicles and more sophisticated objectives. For example, the spartans would have to plant a bomb at the top of a covenant ship, but in order to do so the spartans must first hack into the ships controls to modify the gravity or to open a door enabling them to reach the upper half of the ship. This is a very minor example of what could happen with the xbox ones’ hardware. What new gamemode ideas/modifications would you like to see?

I would like to see a combination of things, similar to Invasion. For example, the 2 teams would have to fight over control of a bomb, plant the bomb, then either extract data measured in bytes (with grenades disabled) or capture a flag. The other example would be something like 5 minutes of 2 Flag, 5 minutes of 1 Bomb and 3-4 minutes of Slayer for 1 game. Another example is multi-objective, you have a choice of capturing the flag and bomb at the same time in the same game. I really enjoyed 3 Ball in Halo 3’s Double EXP weekend, that needs to come back.

They also need to fix the people/parties that play objective just for unlimited slayer kills without doing defense or offense at all.