What needs to happen with TU beta playlist.

If Reach is ever to be as good as the other Halo’s, it needs to have its primary weapon-the DMR- balanced properly.

I have always been a fan of no bloom for Reach, but no bloom, and a slightly slower fire rate is what needs to happen for both the DMR and the Magnum, seeing as how overpowered it is being a 4 shot with no bloom.

Slow down the fire rate on both DMR and the Magnum, or make the playlist have a anniversary gametype(which im told it will have) with AR’s, and 3SK pistols, like Halo 1, no DMR, or NR.

rather than slowing the rof on anything, just remove the magnum.

Let it stay in anniversary or something, but try out mlg slayer [zb] (its zb with 110 movement and jump and 150 gravity) it plays very clean. (DMR and NR starts)

I have, i still think it needs to be slightly slowed.