What needs to change ASAP

Now I’ve come back to Halo Inf recently and I love the new game modes, social slayer being my top game mode simply because there is less BS compared to the regular slayer game mode.

This is where things take a downturn though. With Halloween around the corner and most online games releasing “Halloween Events” and such, I’d expect Halo Inf to do something similar, what I’ve seen is seriously disappointing. Holographic bunny ears, and an obnoxious kill effect. Not only is this not very Halloween considering Halloween is supposed to give the spooks, but it’s also NOT EASTER. Those two things are very easter centric the kill effect may be a little edgy but it’s just annoying if anything.

So as to turn this boat away from yet another Iceberg here are my thoughts on how to improve the game in a few simple steps whilst also boosting the Halloween cosmetics.

  1. Add Infection (it’s literally zombies/flood, it keeps with Halloween not to mention it’s incredibly popular.)

  2. Add All chat (Halo at its core is a social game, yes, nowadays you got to keep things “PC” but without the toxic Xbox chat vibes, it just doesn’t feel like a true Halo game, and it’s such a simple feature to add.)

  3. Introduce flood-themed cosmetics (Not only is the flood more or less zombies considering they reanimated dead material under a single hive mind with its one goal being to consume. But it’s a big part of Halo, they were a threat in the three original games, they are a threat in HW2 DLC and it fits the whole Halloween vibes, it’s not hard, it’s not difficult it’s easy, slap a few bulbous growths on ragdolls as they die and make them puff green gas, BOOM KILL EFFECT DONE. Give players inert flood “trophies”, make a flood-infested multiplayer map, etc. EASY, ON-BRAND, WELL LOVED.)

  4. Give Halo Inf a decent anti-cheat, it’s getting worse, to the point that the cheaters aren’t even hiding because reporting them doesn’t seem to do anything, they walk off with a slap on the wrist, just don’t ban people if they rubber band a bit because the client is a bit jittery. (Known cheats being used: Aimbot, Wallhacks, Hitbox spoofing: Shooting people in the head and the game not registering them being hit.)

  5. Lastly, fix your client! I never had an issue with the game’s physics engine until this most recent update, I am now jumping and suddenly being forced down like a ton of bricks, which has killed me plenty of times.

Now with my rant over, I do appreciate you reading this, be you player, admin, or dev.
Constructive feedback is appreciated and this is in no way a dig at the devs, considering their previous track record with Halo 4 and 5, Infinite has been a thrill and a small return to the original halo formula, but it’s still got a ways to go.

  • Kind Regards, Apocrypha.

I agree 100% :laughing:

Peace! :fist_right: :fist_left:


This is unfortunately because of the change in times that we live in. A lot of games out there have communication disabled by default if it even has it because people can’t seem to handle dealing with other people.

Even if they did turn it on for everyone, most people seemingly disable it or out right ignore all forums of communication ( vocal and text ) out right in games now-a-days. At least that’s been my experience in just about every game I’ve played for 12-15 years now on line.

People don’t want to have to deal with other people.

love when people say how easy something is despite not working in game dev

no thanks, rather not be called slurs

I wanna’ deal with people. But what I don’t wanna’ deal with is being called all sorts of things or having to hear some mouth breather slurp into the microphone every time they jam a mountain dew in their throat while AFKing because they’re too busy complaining at their third girlfriend that week about not looking at them right.


Halo is definitely lacking in the community and social department. While I’m an extreme introvert and want nothing to do with haters and trolls, giving players the option is better than making the game so barebones and anti social.

Now I’m not just talking party chats or even game chat. The whole game is anti social. You can’t even look into a player’s stats or view anything. See what they accomplished, where they rank. It’s such a soulless experience and I see why this game does so fast.

Forge, no matter how good it is will be wasted because you can’t do anything in the game from a social aspect. It’s like the game was designed for sweaty esports solo gamers and nothing else. Which is hilarious because in many ways Infinite takes the least amount of skill in all Halos.

I understand not liking toxicity. I don’t even have messages from strangers go through, only those I add as friends. Social gaming isn’t always bad or full of disrespectful hating people. This extreme approach is only harming the game from gaining any sort of community.

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I know, it’s a shame cause if you want to coordinate in any way you can’t either. Nor can you actually chat to someone on the opposing team who’s actually nice.

What’s funny too is that lately those people who disable all communications, I love it when they complain about a team that does actually communicate and coordinate their attacks and win matches.

“Those people shouldn’t be allowed to be matched up against me”

Nope, you choose to ignore such an important feature all on your own. Don’t go blaming them because they utilize it and you do not. Thank god it’s not very common. Not going to give it a chance to grow either.

Similar to that of people who solo queue up, and then complain about dealing with people who pick their teammates instead of letting an AI pick them for you and then proceed to get dominated by said teams because they function as a team better then you.,

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: 3
They basically don’t have anything to do with their lives sooooo


Mic spammers be like.

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A complete non-issue because all the ways to avoid talking to those people currently in the game would still exist.

The idea here is to by default allow full communication between teams and players to promote social interaction.

Which is more important than the off-chance of something unfortunate occurring.

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I am a game dev actually, I know how hard it is to make a lot of these things especially when your solo dev like me, however when you’ve got a big company like Microsoft backing you with veterans in the game design industry and make a lot of money off of cosmetics you can afford to spend time bug-fixing and improving your client, also your issue with mouth breathers is simple, disable voice chat, and enable chat filtter so your precious little fellings aren’t hurt.