What needs to be fixed next.

We’ve got a great weapons update which has really made Halo 4 more enjoyable.

Now it’s not there yet, and I know I can’t impose things that should be changed but after poking around the forums and seeing what the majority of people dislike I’m putting a list together below.

-Personal Ordnance

-Random weapon drops


-Instant respawning

-Boltshot in loadouts

-Sticky grenades and plasma pistols in loadouts

-Active Camo

-The number of power weapons upon maps (there’s too many)

-Shield recharge delay

I’ve given a basic list so that everyone can discuss the issues related to each one. There are other problems but this list keeps cropping up a lot at the moment.

The purpose of this post is to discuss the topics above, we need to talk about them in more detail and come up with the appropriate solutions to fixing them. 343i listened to us about the weapons now I believe they will about this.

Its not that their are too many power weapons on the maps, it’s that we don’t need personal ordinance with power weapons on the map. In fact, we don’t need PO at all.
And Instant respawn is okay for swat. (Only swat)