What music styles do you think Halo could use?

Besides the one we know which made the trilogy so popular. I was listening to The Mandalorian ost Suite and it ost take noticeable turns away from usually star wars pieces.

I was wondering if it be better if along with being inspired by the trilogy it took up less used ones. Eastern influences, shanties, metal, rock and roll, Latin, dub step, tribal and orchestra. In a way that fits with Halo, and not smack in for the feeling unique.

Being a Jazz guy I would love for more jazz to be in Halo, but only if it’s made in a way it fits. I don’t want Halos identity to be ignored. I heard one of the new composers for Infinite was into Jazz, so that could result in something cool maybe. But also it doesn’t need to be jazz, it could just be influences to a limit that fits.
Fusion is a hell yes.

I could also see influences from different eastern folk genres work in Halo, Reach had a cool thing going, really felt like we were on a foreign planet, yet not, yet so Halo.
I’m a big fan of Raga, but again, depending on how it’s implemented it might not fit.
In my mind the location of a Halo ring screams Gregorian chant. I guess whatever music is made, it has to fit the location as well as the franchise.

Basically when I think about it, as long as it suits my interpretation of Halos identity, I’m open to be surprised.

I want rap by Mario Judah and Cardi B during the final mission. Maybe throw WAP in there for a suspenseful life or death mission. That’ll get my serotonin flowing for sure.

(O’Donnells music is superb and anything along that style is perfect imo.)