What most people want

When I was younger i remember signing on XBL to play halo 2 with my friends. Even though the game back then had been out for over a year I still was excited to play it. Halo 2 to me, is still the best multiplayer game out there.
Then came Halo 3. A huge difference from CE and Halo 2. Now you have things like bubble shields and energy drainers added to the mix. It wasnt the same. Instead of catering to the skilled players bungie instead set their eyes on low skilled players and trying to get more people into the halo universe. One good thing that came from this was forge.
Halo reach and ODST was a complete waste of my money and time. The gun in ODST was god awful and halo reach had JETPACKS and other horrible perks. The DMR was horrible and made the duels more of a luck thing instead of a skill.
What im saying i guess is that i miss Halo CE and Halo 2. I miss staying up late at the night playing custom matches against other teams. I miss holding strats on lockout and BxR people when they almost had the final shot on me. I miss capture the flag on blood gulch driving the indestructible warthogs. I miss when everything about halo 2. So this post is more of a rant. I just hope one of the 343 peeps out there takes a glance at this and realize most people do not want power up abilities. Most people do not want a 15 sec assassination animation. We want gameplay like halo 2. KISS