What modes do you want to see in H5's Action Sack?

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IMO, I would like to see:

  • *Rocket Race - The classic Halo 3 game type taking place in big maps like Valhalla and Sandtrap - *Dodgeball - The classic version from Halo 3. - *Paintball - I loved this mode from Halo 4 so much, but they need to make the scoring based on round wins. - *Infected - I know some want this to be in its own mode, but to be honest, it gets boring after multiple sessions. I personally want it to be like Halo 4’s “Flood” due to the increased team balancing. - *Husky Raid - A crazy rendition of CTF with a single path an random weapons. Tedious at times, but overall enjoyable. - *Mongoose Sumo - A new mode within Halo 5’s community. You get on a vehicle and knock people over on their heads (causing instant death). The last person on all four wheels wins the round. - *Medal Madness - A mode from Halo 4. When the game displays a metal, you need to perform kills that meet the requirements of that medal. For example, when the “Supercombine” medal is required, all players are given needlers. If headshot medals are to be earned, everyone is equipped with a DMR/BR and the shields are automatically disabled. - *Oddball variants - In Halo 4, there was “sticky ball”, but since there’s no sticky launcher in Halo 5, perhaps something more interesting can be added.Any other modes you want? Comment below. :smiley:

that game type with binary rifle and sword, but i don’t remember the name lol