What maps would you like to see?

What kind of maps would you like to see, possibly a classic remade or a concept for a new map? leave your ideas below im interested in what other members think about maps, I’m talking about future dlc (not crimson as the maps are already announced)

Personally i would love to see sand trap remade also a massive map for forging would be good!



I’d like bigger forge maps. Possibly another forge world.

I’d also like to see some impact and ravine forge variants appear in matchmaking. currently there are none such maps in war games even though they shipped with halo 4.


And uncaged

  • Forge World
  • High Ground
  • Blackout
  • Guardian
  • Sandtrap
  • Sandbox
  • Bloodgulch
  • Sidewinder


Blood Gulch
The Pit


All of the Halo 2 maps.

Forge World * 3 environments with gfx ball changing it.


Same maps, unlimited objects, and 20,000 dollar budget instead of 10…

On adrift, i want to play a map where I can go in and out of that orange planet…I think that would be awesome…

A Map you can build underwater or in between, or above it for 20 feet each way…I really want to build an underwater map…

Maps that exist:

Anchor 9
Halo Reach Firefight Maps as Multi-player Matchmaking maps…

No one ever says water works. i loved waterworks.