What maps would you like for a Halo 3 Remake Map Pack?

Halo 3 had some quality maps, and in particular, maps that no matter what the size or number of player, allowed for vehicular fun! I definitely miss the fun had on Valhalla, Last Resort, Sandtrap and Avalanche. These four were my favorites. If there is a possibility of a further map pack installment for Reach, would you like it to be a remake map pack that incorporated these kinds of maps?

Out of all 5 latest multiplayer maps, Breakpoint is the only one I truly enjoy as it allows for that essence of fun…Mongoose, Warthog, Wraith and Ghost! And font forget the aerial vehicles too! Tempest “kind of” has the vehicle thing but its not open enough to utilize them. And the only other real option is Hemmorrage. I know Boneyard and Spire has vehicles but they don’t have the same feel. Maybe its because they are so big…

What do you all think?
Would you like a "Halo 3 Remake Map Pack" for 2011?

> Would you like a "Halo 3 Remake Map Pack" for 2011?

Absoluly. I would personaly want following remakes:

-The Pit, becouse for me it was most balanced map in Halo 3

-Blackout, just pure awesomness, i loved the night-time, icy & arctic theme in it. (& moar space for upperstairs etc <3 )

  • Sandtrap, great vehictucal map. & Sandtarp becouse of elephants.

  • Isolation, fantastic map for infection, i would love to see it return in living dead playlist.

  • Narrows, simple and funny for flag games & slayer.

  • Longshore, great sea theme, good for CTF-games & infection + slayers.

  • Rats Nest, great memories for epic Warthog flag runs.

  • Guardian, just liked forerunner/forest theme.

But if there is top 3, there would be:

  • Blackout

  • Sandtrap

  • The Pit

Personally, most of Halo 3 maps were solid. For me:

Sandtrap / Sandtarp
Rat’s Nest
Last Resort

…were all class maps. Great games were had! Even others like:

The Pit

…were amazing fun. I would love to see a return of some of these maps. My top 3 would consist of either of the following:

Last Resort / Rat’s Nest
Valhalla / Avalanche

Another remake combo could defo be something like:

The Pit / Blackout

The Pit

I would buy this for 1200 or even more.

Avalanche, there hasn’t been a snowy map in reach yet and i loved the camo effect on the vehicles.

Guardian and Standoff.

Of course<3
I want all maps from H3 remade in reach :slight_smile:

Sandbox and Foundry remakes FTW! Awesome forge maps!
I also loved The Pit, Assembly, and Sandtrap.

I don’t want to be the negative nancy here but Halo 3 maps were garbage. If you want to play them you can still do so in Halo 3. If anything Halo 2 maps need remade or Halo CE maps as neither have Live. Either way I would like to see new maps. If anything they can hold off on remakes until the next Halo. I just hope that not a single Reach map ever gets a remake.

Guys actually choose good maps to be remade not to be rude but AAs on Blackout or Guardian would suck.

The Pit.
A new Forgeworld that has Sandtrap and Sandbox in it.

Sandtrap was just epic. The terrain layouts were perfect for offroad hog wars. Plenty of space to go nuts. Reach doesn’t have this spaciousness. Another wide open map would be pretty appealing in my eyes. Something with the same level of openess

A new forge world that has,sandbox,Sandtrap,Avalance,Valhalla,

Many maps in here that have been suggested have already been done in Forge. I for one want the following in a map pack:

A new forge world with more object and terrain variation. I also want a larger open area. May be an expansive ocean with a high sky box. Some truly epic maps could be done with that.

A new invasion map. Custom maps are cool, but having no dialogue ruins it for me. Or in the next update, maybe add some generic dialogue options, like for Spartan offense territories, it would say “We have to take those territories from the split jaws.” for example.

A new vehicle map. A remade avalanche, sandtrap or valhalla, possibly.

All of them plus cut outs of Halo 3’s Campaign for new Invasion maps

I figured out the ONE map I would want for sure.


That map was so great. So many fun matches played on it. The crazy custom game lobbies we used to play on those sky bases. Ahh, good times


The next map pack better not skimp out on forge objects like these last two have. Temptest doesn’t count because those are just re used forge world objects.

> All of them plus cut outs of Halo 3’s Campaign for new Invasion maps

Holy crap, imagine the scarab section of The Ark for invasion?

Anyway, my ideal map pack would be:

Rat’s Nest: One of the most underrated maps in the entire franchise, I’ve enjoyed every single game I’ve played in here. It pains me to put this in over Last Resort, another favorite of mine, but they both play basically the same function. This could work in Reach as constructed.

Citadel: Reach badly needs more smallish maps that lend themselves well to swat and MLG/other highly competitive games, and this one never really got the attention it deserved IMO. Had kind of a crazy weapon spread in H3 though, that could stand to be fixed. Remove the snipers, shotguns, ovies, and rockets. Put an overshield where rockets used to be. Put grenade launchers where the shotguns used to be. Evade AAs at former sniper spawns.

Snowbound/Boundless: Bring this back in desert form, I think it’d look pretty cool. The map was pretty fundamentally sound, it just had a bad weapon spread. Snipers broke it, which drove everyone down to the overcrowded tunnels, which was shotgun/mauler/grenade hell. Make the tunnels below a bit wider and move the shotgun out to the rocks. Put a GL on the roof of the old shotgun spawn. Replace each OS with camo. Use focus rifles in the bases instead of snipers.

I don’t really want Pit because I kind of view that as Halo 3’s poster map. I didn’t like how Lockout (Halo 2’s map IMO) was copy/pasted into Halo 3 as Blackout. I know, I’m biased as -Yoink-. That and I wanted to be original with my picks. I don’t want Guardian either, just because it sucks. I would say Construct, but Countdown’s too similar.

Assault on the Control Room for Invasion.

Every Halo map ever. To play on these classic maps with new ways to explore and play on them is an exciting idea in itself and deserves to be done in ways better than Forge World can supply.

Too many good maps to choose from!

Rat’s Nest
and Avalanche