What makes a Halo game, Perfect?

What makes Halo enjoyable and yet keep the replay value?

Is it good maps?
Solid gameplay?
Weapon and vehicles galore?
The BR?
The DMR?
Bloom and loudout?
Ranking system?

You deside on what makes Halo special.

That no Halo is perfect. But if it wasn’t for the attention to detail across the board to bestow upon then big guy in green, the little woman in purple and the gigantic -Yoinking!- hula-hoops that caused them both to wreck genocide upon the galaxy, I wouldn’t care too much.

Fortune does not favour the bold, the bold make their own fortune. And so be it in every Halo game. Be it campaign, firefight or multiplayer. If you ask how could Bungie ever think that luck should ever to be a part of gaming… I ask, have you heard of this game called Halo?

halo and the number 2

Can’t narrow it down to a single thing so easily. Every Halo game released has had mechanics that (in my opinion) have either been great or lacking.

For me the perfect Halo game (multiplayer wise since I’m not the biggest campaign person) would probably be a mix of the movement of Halo 2, with Reach’s weapon balance (every gun has a niche, little redundancy), and then Halo 3’s vehicle sandbox.

Perfection is unattainable, what one fan loves the other hates. The only way to satisfy all is to include everything and allow the individual player to chose want they want to play with or not. If two players choices are close or match then they would be an obvious pair to group in a multiplayer game.

A perfect Halo is a Halo that plays solid at a competitive level, but plays just as well with a bunch of newbs.

Halos 1, 2, and 3 all had this quality.

Reach does not.

All of them!!! :smiley: