What made halo 3 MP so fun

I believe that halo 3 (and 2) had some of the most addicting MP in any video game. Reach and halo 4 simply did not capture the same level of addictiveness and Im going to discuss why.

Halo 5 needs competitive game play

  • competitive game play means several things. People try harder to win, which indicated more team work. A 1-50 rank means that it sucks to lose and people take the games more seriously. Also, as much as they want it to be, halo shouldnt be a game thats easy to play the first time, it should take skill.

Halo 5 needs equal stats (confirmed)
-I think this is great news because one of my favorite parts about halo is the race to power weapons at the beginning of a match.

Halo 5 needs fun creative new gametypes.
-Honetly, even if the MP isnt as great as id like it fun gametypes can make or break any video game. Just please make fun gametypes such as griffball or headhunter.

what do you guys think halo 5 needs to be as fun as halo 3 was