What level will I be when I should buy gold packs?

What I mean by this is roughly what level would I be if I spent all my REQ points on silver packs and unlocked everything apart from the ultra rares and legendary REQs that you can only find in gold packs? I know the amount of exp you have won’t necessarily correlate with the amount of REQ points you have had in total but there must be an average level where it would be inevitable to have all the rare, uncommon and common REQs. For example it could be within the levels of 80-90. Does anyone know? Thanks :slight_smile:

id say like 90 or 95 is like the prime level to start buying gold packs at least for me. it also depends on how many silver packs you’ve purchased because it will decrease the prize pool and make it more likely to get legendary and ultra rare items when you open gold packs.

You’ll know it’s time to switch from Silver to Gold REQ packs when purchased Silver REQ packs start giving you REQ points instead of permanent unlocks.

I don’t really think that the quality of the REQ packs is effected by your level besides weapon and vehicle authorizations you’ll get them in due time regardless of which you decided to unlock, gold or silver.
Gold is pretty much worth saving for if you like the guarantee of 2 perma unlocks. I guess if you wanted to be chronological and unlock them from unrarest to rarest Silver then Gold would be the way to go. Just depends if you want to worry about UR and L reqs sooner or later

Exactly at evel 80 or 81, once you’ve unlocked all common to rare items from silver packs.