What kind of things do you think 343 is scrambling to fix in the final hours before launch? (wrong answers only)

The title says it all. A storefront to buy BR ammo with real money? A pause function? Maybe the ability to carry more than one weapon at once?

Purchase slayer playlist: $20 gets you access to play 5 slayer matches instead of Objectives lol.


I think you should be able to play as Master Chief in multiplayer for 1000$ a match.

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Definately scrambling to fix Brohammer’s beard

Frantically removing the final bits of code for Co-op campaign so they can sell it later!


You made me remember this fantastic read.


My answer?
Deleting this line:
static char buffer[1024*1024*2];

A wider array of dance emotes.

Respawns cost $20 bucks a pop


That comment made me sad.

Please no dancing.

£15 for a flower. Oh wait, too late

Maybe add in Prometheans. Remove classic halo guns and replace with Binary Rifle, Light Rifle and Suppresor