what kind of player am i

ive been playing a while and i fancy myself as an ok player got a buddy that swears im an mlg class ( i refuse to believe it ) was just wondering where i rank have a look at my stats and tell me id love to here what people think where i can improve or adjust tactics

i enjoy the close range work not so good with the dmr best with the ar and melee i play aggressively always sprinting in and whacking people i always try to help the team but i rarely use a mic the only armor abilities i use is sprint and jetpack mostly sprint

anyway tell me what you think got a couple of vids on youtube all gameplay is mine


Judging by your Service record, you seem about on par with me. I’ve had friends say that I’m pretty good at Halo but when I play MM I’m not so sure. I do have good days where I completely own everything, but then I also have bad days when I can’t get a kill to save my life. Really in the long run of any game Halo is about strategy and map control. Although individual encounters do matter.