What Kind Of New Forge Features Do You Want To See In Halo 4?

The thing that I would like to see most in the new forge would be better control of the land. Trees, terrain, and even the control of water. And what about the bugdet? I think that the budget should grow in the next Halo game. What do you think? Better forge=better maps.

I think that and i hope there is another forge world type of map for Halo 4. But its the weather i want to control the most. Be able to say you want the map to be sunny or snow as well as rain. Having the choice for night and day as well. Same as you said water would be kool to edit. Put in rivers ponds lakes stuff like that.

I hope they keep building on forge while keeping it simple so that everyone can have fun but also having advanced editing options for the serious editors. My personal hope is for an object-movement effect editor where you can automate objects to move up and down or side to side to get to certain areas. The ability to take an object like a block and give it a rotation effect and actually paste and stick more objects to that rotating piece to have the entire map rotating if you wished. Just introducing a fun and challenging concept to your maps. If the map was rotating like a ball you would have to stay ahead of gravity using all sides of the map(top sides and/or bottom) while playing games. This is a wild idea, i know, but just imagine having a cube shaped map and inside you have a slayer match being controlled by gravity while its moving. Anyways, those are my thoughts and i believe whatever they come up with will be grand in the end but i personally like seeing how forge keeps growing into a more powerful map editor while keeping everything simple enough for anybody to have fun with.

For one thing they should put in those forklifts, trucks, and troop transport warthogs

Also help fix those forging glitches where when you move objects they won’t move or will fly upward etc… Maybe they could return the glitch where you spawn vehicles at the end of the round in Halo 3 to make civilian vehicles