What kind of game would you like HW3 to be?

What kind of game would you like Halo Wars 3 to be like (assuming they make it)?

  1. Ground-based (like HW1 and 2)

  2. Space-based (like Battlefleet Gothic Armada)

  3. Space and Ground-based (like Empire at War)

Ground based is definitely my pick. I would not mind cool missions like in HW1 where you fought on the surface of the Spirit of Fire. However, they need to make the maps at least twice the size, they are simply too small and there is little chance of recovery once one team gains momentum.

One massive, glaring issue is quitters. They need to give the pop of the quitter to the remaining team members so they have a chance.


I prefer ground based. But then again I have only really plated ground and never played space-based. I do agree that the maps should be bigger. Also, I would also like to see more than just 3v3 possibly, even if it was just bumped to a maximum of 4v4.

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I want the same ground-based battle as HW1 and 2.
The HALO series of FPS has that structure.

I’m Atriox, Spirit of fire, and Forerunner.
I want you to revive the elements of HW1 such as stage gimmicks.

Halo Wars 2.5

Same Commanders… just more maps and commanders and leader powers and units and a new campaign that ties Halo Wars 2 into Halo Infinite.

Call it…


Make it a late DLC pack to Halo Wars 2 which adds in 6 new commanders, 7 new campaign missions, and 3 new 3v3 sized multiplayer maps.


  • The Master Chief
  • [A.I.] Catherine (The Weapon)
  • Major Vaughan
  • Escharum
  • Jega 'Rdomnai
  • Thrallslayer

UNSC Spirit of Fire rebuilds their Slip-Space Drive and attempts to follow the coordinates of Halo Installation 04-C in search of Professor Ellen Anders. But are instead pulled to Halo Installation 07 by unknown means. Here, the Spirit of Fire supports The Master Chief and his scattered UNSC by supplying actual base fortifications and helping eliminate targets. The end goal? Prevent the Banished from reactivating a Forerunner Guardian.

Mission 1 and 2 is about the restoring of the Slip-Space drive.
Mission 3 is on-board the UNSC Spirit of Fire
Missions 4-7 take place on Zeta Halo.


Those that get the DLC and beat it should unlock either the Mark IV as an Armor Core in Halo Infinite, or at least some unique cosmetics tied to said Armor Core.


The story that connects HALO5, HW2 and HALO Infinite
It’s not made as a game, so I really want to see it!
I want to see the subsequent dispute between Atriox and Cortana!

I really like the HW series because it also depicts the story of the alien side.

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Space battles needs to be done in the halo wars saga. Its been talked about since the first halo wars.

I’m still holding out hopes for 343I to make halo wars 3.

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I think that there should be a space halo wars. It doesn’t have to necessarily be HW3 or a new series but it should be done.

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I wish they had continued support for HW2 (more maps in particular… they did a great job with leader variety), so my vote is for more of the same (ground based). I think the biggest area to change gameplay or up the ante on the experience is to have a third faction (forerunner or flood). I second the suggestion of having the setting and background tie into Halo Infinite, but I have a feeling they’ll keep the story separate as much as possible… and to be fair, in its own way, that’s a lot of fun too.

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