What kind of armor customization do you want for halo 4?

To clarify things, do you want to unlock armor through a credit system, rank or achievements, just helmet and shoulder armor, a halo reach type armor customization, elite customization, ect.

I’m not totally sure about this subject, i did like halo 3’s armor customization because it was quick and easy, and it was a harder and funner challenge to get armor through achievements(ex:hayabusa). But then again the only reason i’m still playing reach is to earn credits to rank up to get cool armor. In halo 4 i do know that i want elite customization, a rank system like reach so you can rank up without live(cause i don’t have live) and possibly that you would have to earn a few achievements to unlock a certain helmet or body type. ex: you would have to earn the achievement “wakeupbuttercup” to recieve the pilot helmet in reach)

Maybe they could use both. Some armor items you have to do achievements to get, while others you get when you rank up.

I want their to be another armory. I also like how certain armor is unlocked by obtaining a certain rank. However, I want there to be armor unlocked for beating the campaign on Normal, Heroic, and then Legendary. In terms of customization, I’d love to see pure emblem customization like in Black Ops. Making your own emblem adds more individuality to the game, opposed to using pre-made emblems w/backgrounds. Also, elites should get the same customization options as Spartans. I hated how Reach made you pick one design for an elite and had no customization for them.

I’d keep it very similar to Reach, but maybe add more options to the legs and add accessories to chest pieces (like helmets have attachments). More customization options would only make your spartan feel more unique.

I say make it like Halo 3. We can only customize the helmet, shoulders and chest. However, there should be many more pieces for each category.

i think we should have much more customization than in reach, with much, much, much more armor.

I definitely like that in Halo 3 you had to spend some time in the campaign to get the best armor. You couldn’t just play multiplayer over and over again to get the best armor.

I just want pure white and solid black on the color selections. I really hate these offshoots.

As long as I get my Mark 5 armor im ok.

Adding armor customization hardly takes away from development of multiplayer and the overall gameplay. Both are handled by two (or more) teams, neither in any way working with the other (or rarely so).

More on topic: The more customization, the better, I say.

I have always loved being able to customize your armor in games. I probably would even like a expansion on to the armory that we already have now. However I do agree that some (about 10%) should come from Waypoint. I think that certain armor needs to be much more difficult to obtain. I would also like to see some more options like separation of armor and death effects allowing players to have Legendary and Birthday Party on at the same time.