What Just Happened?!?!?

My dad and I were playing halo reach big team battle and this guy on our team killed 2 of our players. He then started to shoot at my dad while my dad was trying to get the Pelican(Helicopter) in the air, then the guy jumped in the gunner seat. Once my dad was flying to the enemy base, he then got lasered and it killed the guy in the gunner seat( Who betrayed 2 people) and killed my dad. It sayed my dad betrayed him once the pelican blew up, but thats just dumb… I mean you would think the system would know that when an enemy laser kills a aircraft with the opososite team, it would reward the points properly. Is this a bug? Has this ever happened to you guys before? will there be a compensation for something so mysterious as this? (like how in halo 3 a guy got recon for dying by a construction cone)

Before you guys leave a comment, Here is the end of the story, and it gets better!
My dad then got booted from the game by the guy that had killed 2 of our own players, then he started to t-bag and shoot our own teamates dead bodies. So, i shot at him a few times, then i went away from the game to go into my dads room and talk about wtf happened lol when i come back to the screen it says i am able to boot the guy who booted my dad rofl So i click x, up, a :slight_smile: I reviewed the video and it seemed after i shot the guy, he saw i was away and meleed me twice, killed me, then tbagged…

The video is named “BETRATAL ERROR” and is on my file share if you guys want to see it! My gamertag is “crusader zorro”. Let me guys know what you think, thanks!


That is an unfortunate glitch that happens sometimes. From what me and my mates have worked out is it happens when you kill just the pilot with the laser and the Falcon ( not Pelican) gets blown up it records the gunners death as betrayals against the pilot. If he had hit the Falcon then it would not have happened.

Another glitch is when you laser a Falcon while a team mate is shooting it with their DMR. More often than not the player shooting it with their DMR will be awarded a double or triple laser kill and rob his team mate of the kill. Tell your dad it is just one of those WTF moments that Reach dishes up every now and then.