What it needs to be fixed

I’ve been playing the Halo 5: Guardians beta which it’s very fun but there are a lot of things which I think it needs to be changed, remove or fixed

Things that needs to be changed:

  • Armors, obviously.
  • The ranking system is just unfair, if I’m a good player but my teammates are a bunch of noobs, when we lose a game it lows your rank. This needs to be changed to the traditional individual ranking system.
  • The scope it’s not what its should have been, developers said that the scope is the same as the other halo games but I tested how it works and it’s just ads with the normal movement of your spartan, when you’re on scope in it removes completely the bloom making the bullets go straight to you making weapons suchs as the AR and SMG weapons of mass destruction

Things that needs to be fixed:

  • You die pretty quickly, 3 or 4 shots just takes your shields off.
  • The AR and SMG are super OP, if someone is shooting you with the SMG you’re basically dead and the AR just makes a lot of damage and has almost the precision of a BR
  • I don’t know if this is just pure skill but since there’s no auto-aim precision weapons such as BR,DMR and the Sniper Rifle at close range it’s just makes them truely hard to use.
  • Everytime you finish a game your spartan changes color to a bright pink color with the armor with a low quality texture

The only thing I think that should be removed is the killcam or atleast have an option to turn it off because it’s really annoying.

Automatic weapons need to be dialed back a bit.