What is your Unpopular Halo opinion?

Halo has been around for 22 years now and it has allowed people to have many views on it. Some more popular than others. I want to know what your unpopular halo opinion is and why it is so unpopular. Mine is probably is that the elites in multiplayer were overrated. They were too big and their hud design wasn’t that good.


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I actually agree that playable Elites were over-rated, I’d take the or leave them.
My most unpopular opinion is probably that Halo 4 had the best multiplayer in Halo history, go easy on me guys…

  1. Utility Weapons hurt Halo’s gameplay and go counter to the 2 weapon system

  2. Halo 4 is by far the worst Halo game and its not even close (Chief and Cortana are basically comepletly different people than they were in CE-H3, the art style is terrible, and i have so many problems with the story [that said the MP was fun but just not what i wanted out of Halo])

  3. Halo 5 should have been its own new IP (not a Halo spinoff but litterally just not a Halo game)

  4. Halo 5 has the worst armor system in Halo history (you can only choose a helmet then everything else, it has the least amount of customization freedom since Halo 2)

  5. The Library is a great mission (it was meant to be a long slog of a fight against hordes of undead by yourself in an unfamiliar place and i think it does just that, also every CE-H3 mission is great but out of all of them the Library gets more hate then it deserves)

  6. Reach is overrated and more fondly remembered then it was actually received when it originally came out (it is still a decent game with a great forge and vehicles but it got rid of dual wielding, restricted Elite use and customization, Kat is almost the worst character in Halo [Del Rio and the Didact are also terrible but that title goes to Palmer, and if irritating is what 343 meant for Palmer to be, man did they hit the nail on the head], it took the first step away from traditional Halo multiplayer with its psuedo loadouts, and the DMR is the most OP weapon in Halo history)

  7. ODST has the best firefight and Reach and H5 firefight do not come close to it

  8. Halo 3 has the best armor unlock system (specific unchanging challenges that allow you to show off skill)

  9. Infinite is by far 343’s best game

  10. The Halo books and shows should only exist if they are meticulous in trying to keep Halo’s characters and lore consistent (i blame this for why people actually like Halo 4 Chief and Cortana and why they act like completely different characters than their CE-H3 counterparts [spanning multiple mediums for any franchise is generally a poor idea because then your fans are fractured for what they think said feanchise is and this along with Halo 4 and 5 basically only being Halo in name has made groups of fans with opposing ideas of how Halo should and those ideas can not coexist in a Halo game])

  11. This one is not even that controversial but some armors like Eagle Strike and the cat/bunny ears don’t belong in Halo (this extends to any future armors that don’t fit Halo’s tone/theme even if they fit the art style, this is just another reason the FTP model hurts Halo because the need to add crazier and crazier armors will cause Halo to lose its visual identity which Infinite promised a return to)


my unpopular opnion is, that halo 3 was a huge letdown after halo 2, especially on the campaign and story side. i also prefered the h2 mp.
still a better game than any 343i halo


While I wouldn’t call 3 a huge letdown, compared to H2 I’d agree that it was a downgrade in many ways.

  1. H2A has been the best Halo made to date. It’s only real flaw is 343 didn’t remaster more of the H2 multiplayer maps. Well I guess the sniper and BR have a bit to much aim assist/bullet magmatism but they could have tweeked that had they not pretty much ignored the game. Halo would probably be in a better place had they just remastered H2 from the top down instead of trying to make MCC. We would at least got a functional game at launch.

  2. Behemoth and Landing Zone are the best multiplayer maps in Infinite.

  3. MCC is far superior to Infinite and that is the game every one should be playing.


My most unpopular is when I pitched Noble 6 becoming the leader of the Banished, got like 300 negative comments raining down just for suggesting that

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Halo 4 had a great campaign, great multiplayer and great promotion. I loved it. A lot. And no, it’s not my first Halo game. Halo 3 was.


halo 5 has the best multiplayer, is one of the best online fps ever alongside with titanfall 2 and halo 2 imo

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Team killing should exist…

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I’m not sure about 6, but they could pretend Jorge just came out wherever the slipspace bomb opened a rift and became a warlord in that same way. Work his way back to human systems, while trying to keep his group together. I’d play an adaption of Cole Protocol in a similar vein, colonists and Innies giving you a hard time at every turn, almost like dropping Halo into a Mass Effect styled story.

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I feel like there’s a lot of popular opinions in this thread ngl.

  1. I really dislike the battle rifle and how much the fanbase insists on it having the role of being the best weapon.
  2. I love pretty much every flood level.
  3. Lore was never totally consistent, not in the bungie days, not before reach. Its always been messy and Fall of Reach isn’t some flawless masterpiece.
  4. The prometheans were a good idea and robots aren’t necessarily bad enemies, but I do agree they are horribly executed.
  5. SII > SIII> SIV isn’t clearcut as the fanbase loves to make it, and especially not as exagerated as they like to make it.
  6. Elites are way overhyped and shouldn’t be considered blameless for all the covenant did. Nor are they particularly smart (even pre-343). Heck the smarter you believe them to be, the more responsible for all the horrible things the covenant did.

For me while I don’t personally care about elites (and actually rather dislike them), the fact its been a topic thats come up in every 343 game and 343 just continues to ignore it sort of shows how little they care about their fanbase.

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Here is another one that is contraversial:
Killing off the Rookie in New Blood was the right move by Matt Forbeck and 343.
Not one of my favourite books in general but that specific scene is very well written and exciting.
And more importantly, it was a completely reasonable decision by those involved.

They were making an A9 sequel, so they either had to get him out of the way, or turn him into an actual character. He’s not supposed to be a real character with a personality so the only remaining option was to get rid of him.
So instead of coming up with some excuse for the Rookie to leave A9 (which might have still resulted in us never seeing him again anyway) they use his death to develope the remaining (real) characters, it affects the team dynamic as they all process his death in different ways. It’s actually pretty clever.
And to be honest, he’s barely a character, so no big deal imo.

Yup that’s fair, I agree.

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  1. Spartan-IVs are great. now, im not saying they are the best generation of Spartan (that is hands down the IIs). but the fanbase has this weirdly extreme hatred of them, which leads to the fans drastically over-exaggerating their shortcomings, which leads to the fans hating them even more for these now over-exaggerated shortcomings. fans willing over look the pros (professionals with experience from marines and ODSTs, have the same level of training as Spartan-IIs (yes, this is canon, actually did not know this until recently myself), actual experience as humans, works well with other branches, inhumanly strong (just not as strong as a II)) in favor of the cons (Not as strong as IIs, Palmer and Demarco’s behavior, gen-2 armor looks bad) so they can give themselves reasons to hate the S-IVs.
  2. Halo infinite has the best gameplay. just really needs more content, better matchmaking, and stable servers
  3. Noble 6 is not truly the player’s spartan. his appearance as the multiplayer spartan is not his canonical appearance, instead his canonical armor is a grey Mark V[B]. he also already has a character and identity, while its not really built upon and is easy to overlook, it is there. and predetermined story, with a past, present, and a very short future.
  4. Halo CE classic marines are the best designed marines of the franchise
  5. I personally prefer colored techsuits (though not for all armors)
  6. Emile isn’t cool. he’s super edgy, acts like a jerk towards his own teammates for no reason, and doesn’t even do anything throughout the entire game until the final mission (which he dies immediately after). Seriously, for 90% of the game we only see him in cutscenes, where he is just standing around.
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Ok as a huge ODST fan that scene was a pain in my heart but you are right the writing was good.

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I am not sure how this is possible since the SPARTAN-II’s have neen training since childhood while the IV’s do not. (Not saying i disagree with the truth of the matter i am just unaware as to how/if this is true)

Facts, minus the vehicle gameplay though. Too many easy vehicle counters and no good vehicle maps.

Massive facts here. From their design to the way they act. Its all the best here.

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I am not sure how this is possible since the SPARTAN-II’s have neen training since childhood while the IV’s do not. (Not saying i disagree with the truth of the matter i am just unaware as to how/if this is true)

I think I mis-read something.
correction: Spartan-IV training is based off of or at least similar to the Spartan-II Training program.

the Halo encyclopedia states, “the Premise of the Spartan-IV program was simple, use technology developed for the Spartan-I and Spartan-III programs and meld that with the best qualities of the Spartan-II education program

so it is not a one-to-one with the that of the IIs, but it is based off of it, combine that with their extensive combat experience from before becoming spartans, that makes the IVs very effective soldiers.