What is your reason to play halo?


For me, it is a way that the game catches me, being one of the very few that I love to play.

I play Halo to have fun, I don’t play it competitive (I play Competitive if I vs Competitive players)

The same reason everyone else does, because it brings me enjoyment. At the end of the day that’s all video games are about.

because the way it plays is great, the universe is amazing, and it helps me cope with stuff, overall i love this series.

What like everyone here said; the game is fun to play.

Why did I stick with Halo for 11 years? Because it’s my childhood game and franchise that kickstarted my love for video games.

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Es muy sencillo, una vez que juegas una franquicia de videojuegos como esta, es muy difícil que la dejes, su historia, el multijugador, las horas de diversión y entretenimiento que te da cada una de las entregas, es asombroso, además de que es una franquicia que marcó infancias y adolescencias, es la serie de juegos que más amo, y me siento orgulloso de formar parte de ella.

because I like videogames and halo is a very good game with a universe full of intersting things

I’ve played halo for my whole life and I love the game. Halo was the one game which brought me into first person shooters.

I love the story, the gameplay, the crazy community, and of all the games out there today it is the one where I shout “BS” the least when playing online.

This franchise has…something, you know? Once you look into it, you find yourself surrounded by a world full of great adventures. It mixes war action and fantasy/ futuristic worlds like never before. The stories of the campaigns are great, most of their multiplayes are fun (Halo 4 being my favorite) and the looks of the weapons, vehicles, planets, spaceships and armor are quite impressive as well.
Its a franchise I honestly love ever since I got Halo 3 ODST for Christmas and then I started to look and play the other games. One of the reasons I love Halo 4 more than any other Halo is because that not only it has a great campaign and a fun multiplayer…but also the Spartan Ops. Unlike many other entries woth co-op modes, Halo 4’s Spartan Ops was one of its kind because not only could you fight AI enemies apart of the campaign, but because Spartan Ops was an episode based co-op mode that made our Spartan characters to be part of the franchise’s story and interact with its plot, it wasn’t a big plot enough to affect the main storyline, but yet it is part of it. That is why I think Halo 4 is special.
Still, all Halos are unique and amazing. I thank Bungie and 343 Industries for delivering us great games of a great franchise.

My reason to play halo is because halo has got to be my best experience that I had out of all the other game I played, and I always come back to it.

As much as I love Master Chief it is the multiplayer. I bought a Halo OG Xbox in time to play 4 players at a friend’s wedding. The gun play is easy to pick up but mastering it takes finesse and experience.

Nostalgia, fun factor, the feels it gives me (damn you campaign cutscenes, why…), the badass armour and weapons you can use, the hilarious enemy/friendly AI dialogue… oh, probably a good handful of other reasons! Halo is honestly hands-down one of the best gaming series I have ever gotten the opportunity to get my paws on and play!

Story, gameplay/handling, friends, competition…you name it, Halo has it. Was a fan when I was a kid, and I’m still a die-hard fan well into adulthood.

I’ve grown up with halo since halo ce and it’s been my favorite game ever since I’m usely a casual/ Competitive player

Halo is fun in general and it has evolved so much over the years.