What is your opinion on the Stability perk?

Honestly, I think it is ruining the game. I am a 130 and refuse to use it because it makes the game too easy. Using Stability decreases the skill gap by so much and I thought Halo was supposed to be a competitive game. It’s horrible that there’s no playlist that doesn’t have it too. The MLG playlist would have been perfect had 343 not given Sundance such a crappy decision to make. Now we’re stuck with -Yoink!- Mobile Gaming who promised a Battlefield 3 tournament which never even happened. Anyway, enough of me pointing how broken this game is. What do you think of Stability?

There’s always Slayer Pro.

i honestly dont know, i havnt used it in a while, i just finished automatic guns, and am now doing Carbine, but i do see how it gives an unfair advantage to players who have rogue unlocked, bit silly and not competative so i see why MLG didnt support halo 4, however i am not really a competative player myself, i consider myself alot better than average player, been playing halo for ages, but i prefer casual and having fun, not mlg fights

> There’s always Slayer Pro.

No there isn’t?